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Farewell Messages To Lionel Messi



The Argentine international player, Messi has actually been in the steady news as he is set to leave Barcelona after years of helping the Catalan side in winning so many trophies.

The news was actually a shocking one in the world of sports as Messi who began his career right from his childhood from Barcelona wanted to renew his contract which ended in June before the 2020 Copa America kicked off, but the news turns out to be a sad one as Barcelona said they can’t afford his new bill due to some financial challenges, even when his salary was cut down to 50%.

This has been a sad news in the world of football as no one could believe Messi and his long time and childhood club, FC Barcelona, will be cutting off this way. At least even if they are to cut off, not this way.

MESSI has brought a lot of victory and joy to Barcelona with the strongest record so far, which really made him the greatest of all time (GOAT), and as such, he should be celebrated in a special way for his departure. At least Messi is meant to be cheered up by fans in the pitch and that would have given him an honor and joy to depart.

However, Messi was left emotional during his press conference and according to his word, he has done everything possible within his power to remain in Barcelona, but nothing yield out. The tears that came out of Messi really shake the world as it shows the LOVE Messi actually have for his childhood club, Barcelona.

At the end of the press conference, many farewell messages poured out from friends and teammates as everyone bid Leo farewell in his new journey.

Below are few farewell messages from friends and teammates for Lionel Messi.

Farewell messages to Lionel Messi

It is such an emotional one to be honest, watching Messi wearing another shirt in another club or probably being in Camp Nou and playing against Barcelona is such a sad one. But in all, we bid him farewell in his departure, we bid him farewell in his new journey and we bid him farewell wherever he go.

Thanks Leo, thanks for the love, thanks for the titles and thanks for being who you are. From all of us in Barcelona, we wish you well hoping to see your return in Barcelona someday. We will be with you wherever you go, thanks for the love LEO.

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