I’m pretty sure a lot of us will likely be asking the above question, “What Is The Gateway To Marriage?”, but the above question wouldn’t be comprehensive without a clear understanding of the term “GATEWAY


According to some dictionaries, ‘GATEWAY” means an entrance that can be closed by a gate. This could be an entrance to an event center, an entrance to a football stadium, an entrance to heaven or to anything in life.

But here, we are asking about the entrance of MARRIAGE. The road or path through which a good, successful and peaceful MARRIAGE can be achieved.

Now that we have known the term “GATEWAY“, it is time to jump into our main subject.


Gateway to marriage

Talking about the GATEWAY to marriage, we are simply referring to the channel through which one can achieve a successful marriage. And this channel is none other thing than RELATIONSHIP.

Yes RELATIONSHIP is the most common GATEWAY through which one can have a successful and peaceful marriage in his home.

RELATIONSHIP is like the first set of union between two partners who aims on the same goal of spending their lives together forever.

In other word, RELATIONSHIP can be seen as the first stage in which two people study themselves to have a clear understanding of who their partner is.

This is one of the most important stage which no one should bypass because it serve as the ultimate way of achieving a peaceful and successful marriage in future.


Actually, a lot of us have some negative perspectives about RELATIONSHIP which has actually devalue it’s important in our Society.

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Many of us now sees it in different ways, some say RELATIONSHIP is a big scam, some say it doesn’t work and doesn’t help anyone to achieve anything while others say it is only fools that do RELATIONSHIP. Different thoughts and beliefs about RELATIONSHIP and with it’s rapid spread, RELATIONSHIP has been devalued and become a joke in the society.

But nevertheless, RELATIONSHIP still remain the most ultimate “GATEWAY” through which a peaceful, successful and admiring marriage can be achieved.

Most at times we admire married people and try to give honour to them most especially in their many years anniversary, sometimes too we see their marriage as an examplary one in the society because of how they have been able to maintain peace and build a loving and successful marriage together.

Though some of us may think such marriages doesn’t encounter issues or those people involved doesn’t have fight with each other, but I doubt it because it is absolutely impossible.

But with the help of RELATIONSHIP, they have been able to study and understand themselves to a level of maintaining steady peace in their home. This is definitely the Important of RELATIONSHIP and it shouldn’t be overlooked.

The rejection of RELATIONSHIP by most people is absolutely the cause of the inability of their marriage to last. Divorce after a little months of marriage is now part of the culture, and marital quams which are likely to cause a death of one or a big havoc in the marriage is also part of the story.

Actually, we have a lot of beliefs to clear off which the above issues is a serious one to drop off because it causes more ham than good.

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RELATIONSHIP plays a bigger role in our marital homes which can sometimes be invisible to many, but it’s merit has no end.

Though at times RELATIONSHIP may not necessary grantee a successful marriage dues to some obstacles that may be encountered in the journey, but in all, never forget to pray to God to give you the right person that you will be compactible with and grant you PEACE OF MIND in your marriage, thanks.


By Bright Tobias

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