Do I have to tell you that your world belongs to you?.

Do I have to tell you that you shouldn’t consider people’s words in every aspect of your life?. Do you still want me to tell you that you shouldn’t go against your will to please another person?.

Well, let the words sink into you.

Your own aspect of life belongs to you alone, don’t let the negative things people say about you weigh you dow. In fact keep your energy high to the point that people will start getting pissed over your negligence.

The world is too big enough to refresh your thoughts with positive things, positive words and a lot of things that will keep you moving high instead of getting you down with depression. Because it is quite hard to go higher when something is holding you down.

People’s words shouldn’t be considered in every aspect of your life. Many are loosed in spoken words, their words are enough to drive you negative. Their words are enough to get you depressed and get you down. So why are you letting their depressive words be on your mind?. Why are you so depressed and weighed down because of the negative comments they make about your life?.

The high time you start living a life of your choice is the best way for you. Stop trying to please people, stop acting against your personality in order to avoid people’s “negative words” because you can’t avoid that.

Negative words said by people about you are “opinions” said about your future. Their opinion might happen or it may not, only if you play your track well.

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People’s opinion (negative comments about you) in your life is just like a football prediction where you predict “club A” to win “club B” in a football match, at the end of the game any of the team may take the lead. it’s either “club A” win or they loose.

This is exactly how it goes in your life, some people actually program their self in a way that they don’t mind their business. They are always criticizing others with depressive words. Always making comments that can cause suicide.

Pay attention to your self if you eventually meet them. Neglect their negative and depressive comments about you and focus. Don’t be weighed down by their depressive comments. Don’t let those words sink into you, get rid of them and focus.

Your future only lies in the hands of God and not in the hands of human. Everyone is entitle to his or her opinion (comments), accept the ones you want to accept and do away with the rest. Do positive things that pleases you, accept advice you want to accept (opinions) and live the way you want. Your world belongs to you alone, stop considering the negative speech people are making, rather stay focus.

Thank You. 

By Bright Tobias

A world filled with LOVE, PERFECTION and CARE to be understood through a BRIGHTer channel. We are BRIGHTWORLD 🕊️

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