Definition Of Peace Of Mind.

Peace of mind is the inner most joy that comes out from one as a result of excessive accumulation of peace, happiness and internal joy. Peace of mind are the joy that sustains you amidst of troubles and tribulations. They are those things essential for human peaceful growth but when being impaired, can cause depression, angony and sad.

Peace of mind is essential in human growth which is why you are advised never to trade it with any other thing, because it shows the positive side of you.

In thousand cases, when this peace of mind is being taken from you, depression, sad and sometimes sorrow becomes a replacement. They are important in everyone’s life which is why some people can do anything in life just to make sure they keep their self happy.

Peace of mind are important tressure in life which can be considered as the greatest among Silver and Gold. Though a lot of people will still choose silver and gold over their happiness, several people will choose silver and gold over their peace of mind, but it is likely to be a weird act. Those that understand it can never trade their peace of mind with any other things, even if they are to do it to get what they want, at least it won’t be for a long time.

Happiness matters in everyone’s life, everyone in life deserve to be happy. Everyone needs peace of mind in their life, married people want peace of mind in their homes, students wants peace of mind in their academics, business people want peace of mind in their business and so on and so forth. The world we all live in needs peace of mind too, to stay peaceful and accommodate everyone. The importance of PEACE OF MIND in a person’s life can’t be over emphasized.

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But taking a walk down the society, you will notice how people tremble upon other people’s joy, how people tremble upon other people’s happiness without any consideration. Yeah, we live in a society where the rich use the peace of the poor to gain more peace. In other word, the rich uses the poor to gain more wealth regardless of their deprivation of peace of mind.

Peace of mind can’t be bought and at times can’t be given by money, they are driven internally by doing what you love most, by doing what makes you happy and by deciding to be happy. Yes, you have to decide for your own happiness before it can come to you.

Deciding for your happiness may be in the days of troubles, in the days of tribulations and in the days of agony, you have to stick to your mind and maintain that positive thoughts you have. Though it can be hard to stay happy amidst of all the troubles and tribulations coming to you, but you have to try your best. You have to choose this for your self to stay happy because happiness are truly essential for human growth.

But you depriving people their happiness, you depriving people their peace, what’s the need?, what’s the point for that?. Live and let others live, stop caging people to suit your interest, stop trembling upon people’s peace of mind. Live and let others live. By that way, you are helping the world health organization (WHO) in reducing the number of depressed patience, by so doing you are showing LOVE to humanity and by so doing, you are making the world an example of how and what God created it for.

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Peace of mind
Peace of mind

This is actually one of the hard self task to do, because staying happy amidst of troubles and tribulations can only be imagined, it is so difficult to do.

To be realistic, it is absolutely not possible to stay happy amidst of troubles, tribulations, sad, agony and when being in the state of depression. But “try” or “trying” can be a good option. Yeah, you just need to try and stay happy, trying to stay happy in those moments is the only option you can use to maintain those positive vibes, just try.

However, below are few tips that can help you stay happy and maintain your peace of mind amidst of troubles and tribulations that comes your way.

1: Stay Away From The Cause Of Your Anger:

This is of no doubt one of the best way you can control your anger and as such, keeping your insanity intact. And by keeping your insanity intact, you are also keeping hold of your peace of mind to avoid trouble.

Many people at times get troubled, loose their insanity simply because they refuse moving an inch from the cause of their anger. They get upset by someone and still stand on the same place with the person thereby keeping the whole scenario on their head.

Consider changing position if you notice your peace of mind being trembled upon, consider changing position if you start loosing your insanity, to avoid loosing it all and start acting weird, change location and maintain your PEACE OF MIND intact.

2: Stop Engaging In Unnecessary Argument:

One of the codes of those that live quietly happy is “avoiding unnecessary argument”. Yes don’t engage your self in unnecessary arguments that doesn’t worth your strength.

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Engaging in argument is quite a normal one, but engaging in some argument that matters not to you, is such a waste of time and a bad one. This is because some arguments will actually end up getting you emotional and psychological drain up thereby affecting your peace. Avoid engaging in arguments that worths nothing, arguments that you will engage in and at the end you start feeling headache, feverish and tired, avoid them.

3: Stop Trying To Win All The Arguments:

Don’t be the type that always operate on “it’s either I win or we keep talking”, don’t be the type that always say that if they don’t want to believe your point, then no need of stopping the argument.

Things I understand about “ARGUMENT” is that it is either you believe them or you leave. It is done out of will, not force. Everyone have their beliefs, point of views and different understanding. Stop forcing others to believe on your ground, because by so doing, you will end up talking too much and having a mouth pain which may deprive your peace.

So by staying away from the cause of your anger, by avoiding unnecessary arguments and by trying not to win all Arguments, you will help your self in keeping your PEACE OF MIND. Thanks.

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