Many are actually in the cage of living against their will just to please someone else. And this is so much annoying when you notice that the person you are trying to please doesn’t notice any of your show. Then why still living against your own will in order to please them?. Why are you doing some weird things which you are not known for simply because you want to please another person?.

Th lives we all live on earth actually has no duplicate and as such, everyone is meant to make maximum use of his or her time in doing positive things that are beneficiary, things that gives you joy and things that you want to do. Life is too short for anyone to start living against his or her own will in order to please someone else.

This is quite different from the normal rules and guidelines you are being given at your working place, in those ones you may be given rules and order that might be against your own will or against your personality, but the acceptance of the rules is much acceptable based on it’s benefit.

This points towards the negative side of trying to live against your personality due to the force from peer pressure.

Quite appalling that most of the smokers today started smoking because they wants to feel among. Seeing their friends smoking gives them negative vibes to feel among and at the end, they go against their will.

The world is too big to notice a single person, stop hanging your cap where you can’t get it down simply because you want someone to notice you, or because you want to feel among. Stop living fake, if you are not rich, simply maintain your position and work harder, the result may be by the corner.

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It is very bad the way most people disguise their self to leave a life that is not their personality simply because they want to Impress someone, simply because they want someone to like or fall in love with them. But what will happen when the one you are trying to impress with your fake life finds out your true personality?, what will be the reaction?. I guess it won’t be as Rossy as it was when it all started.

This is the reason you need to focus on your ORIGINALITY, build up your self to the standard that people will like or love you for who you are, but not for what you claim to be. Put hard work on your self to create the best kind of you, put hard work on your self to bring out the better version of your identity and stop living a parody lifestyle.

Be contented with what you have, no matter how little it is, be a good manager towards them and put more energy on positives things so the story will change. Living a fake life solves no problem, rather it adds to it.

Be simple, live high and stop trying to imitate other people in order to get someone impressed. If you meet someone in the left angle who doesn’t like your true personality, change your angle to the right angle, you will probably see one. But even if you don’t see any in the both angle, don’t change your positiveness, rather be cool and focus, the right person shall come at the right time.

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Don’t engage your self into doing things which you are not known for in the name of “peer pressure”, be ready to make use of a “block button” in your heart when someone tries leading you astray.

Stop doing things based on what people might say if you don’t do it, rather do it because you want to do it. Because no matter how much you try to impress people, you can’t impress all. People will likely to say whatever they want, so keep your heart on ground and live the best out of you, be the best kind of you and stop living to Impress people.


By Bright Tobias

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