“Vanity Upon Vanity” and “This World Is Not Balance” has always been the normal words people use mostly when negative thing(s) happen in the societ.


This is because aside the negative things happening, we human beings live our lives like we own the world. We live our lives in pleasure not considering the other side of life which we always remember whenever something negative hit the society.

Death always remind us that “everything on earth is vanity”, wealth does that too and when the poor is been differentiated in some certain ways, that’s the period we will also remember that “life is not balance”. This is simply because, outside the poor been differentiated from the rich the way it does in the society, we won’t remember that poor exist in the society.

All is vanity
All in life is vanity

All in life is vanityWith such way of living, we are likely to abandon the positive things and purpose of our lives on earth, we will just live our lives the way we want and only remember “after world” when there is a negative news in the society like death. We will live our lives the way we want and only remember the poor when we eventually notice how the poor is been differentiated from the rich.

The principles the society has succeeded in teaching us is to live the way we want, we should enjoy life because life has no duplicate, we should enjoy now we are living before our death. This principles has actually shifted many people from living a purposeful life to living in sin (just to put it that way). This has overturned our mind from the positive aspect of life to the negative side, all in the name of enjoying ourselves.

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The fact about “vanity upon vanity” is that even the life we live, is still a vanity. Both the rich and the poor lives a vanity life on earth because not the formal neither the latter will live forever on earth.

I’m not against the principle of enjoying life before death, yeah life is created to be enjoyed. Life is created to live our best, catch fun and enjoy the surface of the earth before returning back to our creator, but let not the pressure deviate you from the positive aspect of life. Let it not take your mind away from living the life that pleases God, let it not stop you from doing your earthly task God wants you to do.

While enjoying life, always have a positive thoughts of “after world”, it will help you in living the life that pleases God, it will also help you in being close to God while enjoying your life.

Let the word deep into you, mediate on it, and be blessed.


By Bright Tobias

A world filled with LOVE, PERFECTION and CARE to be understood through a BRIGHTer channel. We are BRIGHTWORLD 🕊️

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