Don't judge from afar take a close range

Don’t judge from afar, always take a close range before making conclusion on some certain issues that has to do with people’s life, people’s choice and people’s character or behavior.

Everyone actually act saint in terms of judging others, we judge like we are the best of our kind. We judge even when we don’t have any single knowledge of what prompted the action we are condemning.

We run people’s judgment like we are perfect in life, we condemn like we are above mistakes, such a silly character of ours.

Don’t Judge From Afar, Take A Close Range.

Don't judge from afar take a close range
Don’t judge from afar

One of the typical experiment all of us have done about this is viewing a picture from a long distance, then on getting closer to the same picture, you will discover a lot of difference between the initial image you saw on the picture and the one you are currently seeing. This is the natural example of this and most of us may have observe this severally, but won’t know it’s relativity to the above topic.


Most at time when we see someone being over-beaten, brutalized and maybe killed for going against the rules that guides humans and the society also, like stealing or involving in criminality, we are always quick to conclude that they really deserve such treatment despite not having any single knowledge of what prompted their action. I’m not trying to justify their actions, but at times if you go deeper trying to find out their reasons for that, you will will definitely understand that their actions are justifiable.

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Stealing can be a quick option to someone dying of hunger or to someone suffering from financial help. You will probably reason this if a lucky victim get to have one-on-one discussion with you. That’s the only way of finding out.

Stealing is not the only case as this happens generally in our society, it also point other several areas like prostitution and others. I guess you will understand in your right sense that no lady living a good life will be in the public space hawking vagina. NO, it doesn’t happen.

But the fact about prostitution in our society is that majority of the single women and ladies are now involved in the game especially in this side of the world. This is contrary to the belief that everyone in the public space are the only ones in the game, there are private gamers too. This is why you can’t easily identify the difference between PEPSI and COCA COLA when being released from their space (bottle).


Some public statements, gists and comments actually goes along with public opinion, you have the right to make yours and leave others to make theirs, but don’t let the “opinion” stop you from reasoning well before dropping your own contribution.

Don’t just SAY to JUDGE people, rather ANALYZE and EXAMINE before SAYING, based on how deep and how well you know it all.

Let the word sink into you

NOTE: I’m not in anyway in support of stealing, prostitution or other things mentioned above, rather they are just for reference. Stealing and other criminal activities are highly condemnable and as such shouldn’t be tolerated in the society.

By Bright Tobias

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