Live a life of your own, be unique and maintain your Originality and uniqueness. 

Leave a foot print different from the crowd, yes though at times this may seems to be hard to live different from the way others do, it may seems difficult to avoid most of the things your mate love doing.

But you have to understands what original or originality mean. It is the act of exhibiting the natural qualities and characters encoded in you. Living original is the action taken by you to live the way you are, to live and exhibit the qualities in you, other than involving in imitation.

There are a lot of benefits you can derive when you start living your life the way you are and vise versa.

Originality means legitness, it means your world , it  has to do with acting differently from others even when peer pressure seems high on you.

Force of peer pressure has taken many to the wrong side of character, it has really done more harm than good and that is why you have to make a good choice in pals you keep. Isolate yourself from the wrongs ones who are willing to influence you against your own world, against your ORIGINALITY and against your choice.

Most at time it may seems your world isn’t working or recognized by people, you may feel pissed over people’s inability to appreciate the good qualities you have or appreciate your Originality and uniqueness. You start examining some folks who are recognized and known by people but they are living in the opposite direction of your world.

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After much analysis of how well they are doing and making some comparison with your own world, the tune changes and you decide to run up to their direction in any way you can. Not minding whether it fit in or not, not minding about originality and values. That’s peer pressure, allowing imitative force to overshadow you.

Imitation is fake and fake can never be as good as originality. People seems to like and flow with those aside your party because fake people are after fake things. while original beings are after original things.

Fake or imitation has a short duration more than original. 

Be good and live your original life, even though people seems not to recognize or appreciate you. Remember, don’t act against your will to please someone else. Even when they trying making negative comments about you, don’t be weighed down by their speech

One day you will surely hear the sound of originality and understand the importance of being unique and living according to your nature, instead of imitating others. 

By Bright Tobias

A world filled with LOVE, PERFECTION and CARE to be understood through a BRIGHTer channel. We are BRIGHTWORLD 🕊️

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