Love at first sight meaning

Someone may ask, what is love at first sight meaning, and is LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT really good or bad?. Then you are awaited to give a genuine answer with a detailed explanation to mark an end to the question.

But then, what ANSWER are you really going to give?, A self explanatory one or one that covers everyone’s views and opinion. Well, let get it digested.

The question above says, is love at first sight really good or bad. But understanding the term “Love At First Sight” could be the easiest way to land properly.


With the pronunciation, the meaning has already been gotten but to make it more clear and understandable, then we will go with the below definition.

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT is an instant love and romantic attraction one has for another at their first sight.

In other words, this can be seen as an immediate romantic feelings that develop within someone at the first view or sight of a stranger which some times can be seen irresistible and fake at same time.

This particular love can be viewed in different aspects, perspectives and opinions by different entities thereby giving out different results when practiced.

Some tags this love a good one that yields positive result in people’s lives, probably when done in a good and proper way. While some tags it negative as it shouldn’t be a proper way of starting your love journey or your relationship. But just as I stated, different people with different perspectives which can be gotten from their experience.

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The decision of whether to say “love at first sight” is good or bad still lys on the lane you take. This means that your intentions can determine the result of such love.

However, you can’t really conclude that “love at first sight” is good because this short term Love has caused a lot of harms in people’s lives. Not just this, some people have lost their lives too while trying to settle down with a stranger they barely know.

And at same times you can’t say “Love at first sight” is bad because numerous people have also benefited from it. It all depends on the strategy and intention of getting involved in it.

However, as this love tends to drive one crazy and raise immediate feelings within, it is very important to remain conscious of what you are getting involved to as not to make an earlier mistake.


Love, Relationship or Marriage can be kicked off perfectly irrespective of how you started, whether love at first sight, love at second sight or even love at million sight, it all depends on your intentions and your ability to gradually undergo THE REQUIRED ASSESSMENT before getting involved into RELATIONSHIP or MARRIAGE.

Most at times people who got hit by the misfortune outcome of love at first sight are people who are quick to jump into RELATIONSHIP or MARRIAGE without taking this ASSESSMENT.

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So the outcome of “love at first sight depends on your intentions and strategy. With a first sight of love, you can build a perfect Relationship ever thereby leading to a perfect Marriage. And with the same love at first sight, you can get the biggest heart break and heart attack ever.

So with the above explanation, you can’t really make a conclusion that “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT” is bad or good. Rather it can favour some and at same time harm some.

Love at first sight meaning
First sight love

The rout and lane you take determines the outcome of it. Have a clear and positive intentions towards love and towards the person involved, then it will favour you. But have something weird and negative in your brain, then you… You already know where you belong.

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