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Dating: Meaning And Importance



Dating: Meaning And Importance

In one way or the other, we might have come across the word “Dating” or “Date”, though we may or may not know what the word means, but the general word most of us use in defining it does not portray the actual definition.
Well, let’s finds out the true meaning of “Date” or “Dating”, and the importance.

Meaning Of “Date” Or “Dating”

Date is simply an arrangements of two people who have agreed to meet each other either for the first time or not, for the purpose of seeing and knowing each other well. In a simplest definition of “Date”, it is actually a first time meeting Planned between two individuals to meet each other for the purpose of finding love.

Dating actually means going outing with someone you just met and wished to get in touch with him or her, or with someone you already know just for the purpose of exploring his or her character.

Importance Of Dating 

There are several benefits you can gain when you date someone first before entering into Relationship. Below are some of the benefits you can gain from dating someone.

  1. It Can Help You In Knowing Who Is Right For You: Dating someone first before furthering more with the person (Relationship) can make you have an idea of who you are about to have as a partner. Not only that, it can help you find most of the qualities you seek for in a partner.
  2. It Helps You In Knowing Your Partner’s Background: Though the major time one can study much about his or her partner’s background is during the Relationship stage, but dating someone can also make you have some clue of his or her background. These are more are the benefits of dating before entering into Relationship
  3. It Gives You A Realistic Idea Of Who You Are About To Get Involved With. 
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It is very important you date someone first before you can think of furthering ahead with the person. Just so you can save your heart from harm.

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5 Importance Of Relationship To Ladies




Speaking about the importance of RELATIONSHIP to the ladies, there are several angles that needs some enlightenment to get it digested properly especially by the ladies who the topic is meant for. We are likely to know about relationship but knowing about the importance of it to guys and to ladies might be far away from us, but here it comes to us for free. Calm down, read and digest the five importance of RELATIONSHIP to ladies.

But firstly before diving into the topic, it is important to know that Relationship is strictly for adults who are matured enough to know and understand each other. Relationship is not for under age and never for everyone just as some hearts keep such belief, rather it is for those that understands each other beyond what the society see.

RELATIONSHIP is actually a close connection between two or more things or two or more humans. In human case, it’s simply a close connection between two individuals or two partners.

This connection could be a blood connection (family), love connection, romantic connection and more. However, one of it’s popular type is the one practice by two partners who are physically attracted to each other and have mutual feelings towards each other.

However, RELATIONSHIP is simply a stage in two people’s (partners) life where the both parties put a lot of commitment to build a stronger and high level of love which can enable them to build a good and peaceful home when they finally settle down as husband and wife.

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Relationship is extremely important to both men and women because it helps in building a stronger wall for your marriage, though many ladies have lost the vision to understand how important relationship is due to the general belief that love and relationship is scam, but it doesn’t make it unreal.

So sad to say that the society contributes a greater percentage in some qualms that happens in marriage, though it’s a personal decision to flow along with the society or not, but then negative influence is involved.

Everyone is now after trends and acting up, weird behaviors and acting among, irrespective of whether it is the right way or not, everyone want to be among. The narrative of RELATIONSHIP in the society has totally dropped to the lowest point and no one now takes it serious, the society now sees it as a game or as a business of “trade by barter” where people ventures to make money or something else.

Some of the ladies doesn’t look beyond the trend from the society and beyond the way people sees it now. Everyone is busy shouting “love is a game” “love na scam” and the rest. But at last when they finally get married, they will start finding it difficult to maintain peace in their marriage.

Now read this and have peace of mind.


5 importance of Relationship to ladies

If you have at any point hear and believe that love or RELATIONSHIP is scam, get it erased and begin in a new chapter with a fresh mind. Love or RELATIONSHIP has nothing to do with scam or whatever the society tags it as. The truth about this is those calling RELATIONSHIP or LOVE scam are those that took the society strategy to engage in their RELATIONSHIP, they are the real scam. Love has nothing to do with scam, know this and have peace.

However, Relationship has a lot of merit to a lady who engaged in it before getting married. Now let’s get few down.

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1: RELATIONSHIP Helps A Lady To Know Deep About Her Man.

Having a knowledge about who your man is, is not just a day task as it requires you not just to know about him, but you will also know deep about him. This is a kind of knowing who your man is, his background, his intention of getting in touch with you, his likes and dislikes, his favourites and many more things about him.

These things are needed in order to build that wall which every woman cherish in a marriage.

2: RELATIONSHIP Prepares You Into A Woman Hood Even When You Are Yet To Marry.

RELATIONSHIP helps you to become who you are not but want to be and not yet to be. This is WOMAN HOOD.

This get you experience on how marriage is being done, prepares you to become a wife material which you may have not learn from your family home. This prepares you and make you fit for marital challenges that will come your way once marriage hit up.

3: RELATIONSHIP Grant Peace Of Mind To A Lady When She Finally Settle Down With Her Man.

This is one of the issues some married people who doesn’t engage in relationship before getting married are always having as a result of not knowing deep about the man, just as I explained in number one of this article.

No one need a toxic marriage, all married women deserve at least HAPPINESS in their marriage and not violence. This is one of the major things causing a lot of divorce in a marriage today, because no woman will like to stay in a violence and toxic marriage where she will be steadily beaten and maltreated by her man.

You can be 80 percent sure of PEACE OF MIND when you start your married life from RELATIONSHIP stage and build it from the scratch.

4: Relationship helps in building love and trust.

5: Relationship before marriage gives you full access to a man’s life.

Relationship is so much important to both the ladies and the guys as well because it also plays the same role it does in a lady’s life to a guy’s life also. Those who understands this are mainly the ones that enjoy their marriage.

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I don’t personally believe on the idea that Relationship is scam or love is scam just the way people tag it, but they can be scam only if you try buying it off without actually starting from the scratch to build your own portion.

HEART BREAK or BREAK UP is likely to happen in a relationship, no one supports that but then when you discover your lifestyle doesn’t suit with that of your partner in a long run, at some point you will likely to leave to go look for your spec or your type. It doesn’t mean the relationship is scam, after all it is better to take a walk out of relationship than being in a toxic relationship where your peace of mind will be tempered with.

Understand what love is, important of it and how relationship works, then take your strategy to build it from the scratch. That is the only way you are likely yo enjoy your married life. Leave society and their so called game of “give and receive” where you offer something to get another thing, and at the end of the run once you are done, you just quite and get away. Then when the time for marriage comes, you get marry to a man who is likely to get your skin scraped once he start acting. Simply because you know nothing about him before settling down.

But on a final conclusion, LOVE and RELATIONSHIP is not a scam, but based on how the society does it, it is a deep scam. The only way to avoid making it a scam is by knowing what relationship is and it’s importance before engaging in. All this is for your marriage tomorrow, at least to get PEACE OF MIND in your home.

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9 Difference Between Date And Relationship



Dating and relationship are one of the words which many people have actually refuse to understand their similarities and their common differences, thus making them tag the both words as same.

In the word of “similarities“, few words are involve and this is just the case with DATING someone and being in a RELATIONSHIP with someone.

However, the major difference between the two words is that DATE is the starting point of  RELATIONSHIP, while RELATIONSHIP is the starting point of MARRIAGE.

DATE is a kind of arrangements between two people of opposite sex who agrees to meet each other for the purpose of character exploration. While DATING is the act of hanging around with your DATE for the purpose of catching cruise and having fun together through which you can examine the qualities you need in a partner.

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9 Difference Between DATE And RELATIONSHIP 
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Difference Between DATE And RELATIONSHIP



Putting up an article on the difference between DATE and RELATIONSHIP might seems bored to some people due to the general knowledge most people are operating that the two words are the same.

Most people when being asked to make a definition of dating someone and being in a relationship with someone, will give the same answer to the both terms. Well, just make your self comfortable as we are about to dig out some facts about Relationship and Dating which you may not know regarding to their differences.

Well, even though Relationship and Dating are similar in definition, but the slight difference is what seems hidden to many making them jump into conclusion that the both terms are the same. That is, Dating and Relationship are very much similar but there is a slightly difference and here we are about to dig them out.

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Before digging out some common difference between the two words, let’s fall for their definition first starting with DATE.


Difference between date and relationship

Date is a get-together meeting between two matured individuals in opposite sex who agrees to meet each other for one reason or the other. Date is a kind of hangout between two parties who agreed on a particular date to meet each other and hang around to catch some fun with each other, and for character exploration.

Dating someone is a kind of hanging out with the person on weekends or at agreed day for the act of “fun”, “cruise” and most especially for “character exploration”.


Difference between date and relationship

Relationship is simply a connection between two people or two things. Just a bond that exist between two people or between two things.

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There are different kinds of Relationship but going by the love connection between two opposite gender, which is the normal love and romantic affair that exist between a guy and a lady.

Relationship in this aspect is a connection that exist between two opposite gender which mainly involves intimacy. This involves two individuals who agrees on the same goal or aim which is spending their lives together forever.

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Though the main objective of Relationship is “MARRIAGE”, but it may not necessarily end as planned. BREAK UP may happen thereby falling them apart. However, now we have successful define the both terms Dating and “Relationship”, let’s now dive into the main subject of this article which is their differences.

Difference Between Date And Relationship.

As said before, DATE and RELATIONSHIP are quite similar but just a slightly difference. Below are the the differences between date and relationship.

  1. Dating someone is a regular meeting and hanging out between two people who recently meet each other for the first time. While Relationship is simply when you have move on with the one you dated.A good example is seeing someone on social media and you both chat regularly and fall in love from the chat, you both plan on how to meet each other and know each other well. Then arrangements of date (month and day) will be set and the place of meeting. Then on that day, you both will finally meet at the agreed place and exchange some view and greetings.Then after weeks or months of hanging around together, the love  become stronger and you decide to move with him or her in the next level called RELATIONSHIP.
  2. DATE is actually the first stage of love affair between two people of opposite gender, while RELATION is the second stage and MARRIAGE is the finally stage.After Dating someone, then the love becomes stronger and you move on to RELATIONSHIP before MARRIAGE.
  3. DATE is a time for knowing each other while RELATIONSHIP is the time for moving on with each other.. You use Dating period to know some personal details about the person including his or her background.Though you also study more about your partner while on relationship, but the study must begin at the first stage which is dating stage.
  4. 4: DATE involves more than two persons while RELATIONSHIP involves only two persons, that is you and your partner only.When dating someone, you can as well date other people as long as you are just making a choice of who to move on with (Relationship). You can date as many people as you want till you get the qualities you are looking for in a partner, but you are meant to move on with just one person.
  5. 5: DATING is the period Of character exploration while RELATIONSHIP is the period of character building.Dating someone is the period of exploring the person’s character to check how good they are, and being in a relationship with someone is the period of building character with your partner.Relationship is the period of building trust, building strong love and all the qualities that makes love stronger just to prepare for MARRIAGE.
  6. 6: Not all DATE leads to RELATIONSHIP but all RELATIONSHIP leads to MARRIAGE unless there is a break up. Which is not proper.DATING someone doesn’t guarantee RELATIONSHIP but RELATIONSHIP guarantee MARRIAGE . You can date someone and at the end you guys will go your separate ways, but successful RELATIONSHIP leads to MARRIAGE.
  7. 7: DATE is the first stage of love affair between two people of opposite gender, while RELATIONSHIP is the second stage and MARRIAGE is the third and final stage.DATE leads to RELATIONSHIP while RELATIONSHIP leads to MARRIAGE . It goes on the straight line, skipping one may affect your marriage because they are much important.
  8. 8: In a right way of handling this, date doesn’t involve s*x but Relationship does.Though this is quite different in some case as some people who hang out on a date might end up pulling their cloths down and tearing p*nt. But it’s not proper.
  9. 9: RELATIONSHIP involves mutual commitment while DATING doesn’t. In this case, the both parties in a relationship work hand to hand towards building a stronger LOVE  and maintaining the relationship. But such level of commitment doesn’t exist in Dating.
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However, with the above listed differences between DATE and RELATIONSHIP, I hope you have been convinced that the two words are not the same, but similar.

DATE is just the starting point that may lead to Relationship, while RELATIONSHIP is the middle point that leads to MARRIAGE.


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