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Girls Don’t Like Boys In A Relationship – True Or False?



Girls don't like boys
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The above question and statement has been up for a quick grab with a suitable answer from a personality who can clerify why girls don’t really like boys in terms of dating and relationship making.

Before landing properly to the best of unexpecting answer, it is important one understands the subject fully.

The Conception or question here is one many of us have been asking either privately or publicly to probably understand in full details why many girls don’t always approach to confess their love to the boys and guys they may be having some feelings to, just like the way the guys does.

Many girls, when in love and having some romantic feelings for the guys, they will rather fight that feelings within them and keep it private than exposing it talk more of heading straight to the guy to…. Ah, that’s definitely a big task on their side.

Some will rather let it slide away or tip it to their female friends to help them in the process, than taking the task upon their self.

Though this isn’t a general issue among the female ones as some believes that whatever a guy can do, them too can do it as well.

But there is a greater percentage of girls who can’t disclose such feelings to their friends talk of taking the bold step, maybe this is probably because of how the society sees it and what people says about it.


The above question is just a misconception as a result of girls not showing their feelings openly.

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With no doubt, the society we live in made it to be so. No one actually hate anyone, whatever the guys feels, the ladies feels it too.

I do believe that some girls who can boldly say their feelings to any guy are those that decides to take off the fear of what the society will say off their mind. They have gathered enough momentum to go after what their heart desires and seek for.

However, a greater to the question why it seems girls don’t like boys in a relationship is because most girls are pretentious and wouldn’t want anyone know their feelings, probably because they believes that people around will mock or laugh at them. This is just a common mentality of some people, and the society obviously made it so.

Just the way some guys can see a pretty and cute lady and decide to approach her for her contact or whatever, it seems normal to the society than the other way round.

In fact, seeing a lady who approaches a guy to say “hi” first is being taken as something serious here, talk more of going deep.

Though I may not really say it does happen generally in all locations, but some part of the world seems worse than others.

In some countries and part of the world, seeing a lady confessing her feelings to a guy she likes, loves or have feelings for, is being taken as a taboo or something weird and such case is always taken unseriously by the guy in picture.

In another angle, apart from being shy and not standing bold to say their feelings to those they have eyes on, there is a popular belief that when a lady likes a guy first, such case or love barely stand.

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Some believe that when a girl approach a guy to confess her feelings to him, the guy won’t take the girl serious and even if things later work out for them, there will be a greater percentage of the guy cheating on her because he probably wasn’t the one that made the first move.

This has been the idea and belief, and somehow this idea has been normalized in the society making it stick around and affect those it will and favour the rest.


To my best of understanding, there is no private hate the girls or ladies have for the boys or guys, it is just a misconception being carried by people as a result of the PRETENTIOUS lives of the girls and ladies. Deep down, they do have feelings and urge, just that the society frown at them when they tries to let them out.

Girls don't like boys


Most at times you don’t need to buy some ideas from people or from the society to live an enjoying life and the best life you desires. Go for what your heart seeks and get it, that’s one of the secret of staying happy and living the best life in your world.

Most at times the society have a wrong perspectives in different things, and following the general idea and belief is likely to hurt you or prevent you from being ORIGINAL and TRUE to your personality.

You mustn’t wait on him to make the first approach, starting the greenlight can be a greater possibility on your side.

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Look for the best and go after it. Waiting might cost you or get you wrong people on your side.

Identify all the qualities you need in a relationship and map them out before making a move. Remember there are thousands of guys out there seeking for LOVE, RELATIONSHIP or even MARRIAGE, but only few may be authentic to your personality and have the qualities you seeks from a partner.

So are you gonna let such chance slide you by, because you are probably expecting him to make the first move?, Are you gonna stay and pretend like you aren’t having any feelings for the person because he is yet to make a move?, Are you gonna keep hold the feelings privately to hurt yourself silently?.

Dear ladies, let the cat out of the bag before you miss such a golden opportunity. Let those urge and feelings out and stop hiding and pretending like you aren’t feeling anything.

In a Relationship, guys aren’t created to make the first move while you blush away, it goes both ways. But the society is the brain behind the ideas, and you mustn’t be in their captive.

Seeks for LOVE and go for it, go after what you seek and what your heart desires for, and stay happy, Thanks.


4 Tips On How To Be A Submissive Husband



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4 Tips On How To Be A Submissive Husband

Sometimes what makes love more sweet, more amazing worthy of emulation, and long lasting isn’t the romantical part of it, neither is it the financial stability of the man in the marriage, but the act of submissiveness.

As a man, learning how to be a submissive husband towards your wife and towards your family is one of the best techniques you can apply to keep your home and marriage on track.

In fact, I Bright Tobias has always maintained that untill men learn how to be a submissive husband to their wives, and start putting it into practice, the rate of marital problems and divorce will keep increasing thereby causing fear among the young teens who wishes to embrace the union.

How To Be A Submissive Husband

However, in a journey of learning how to be a submissive husband, one must learn and master the act of humility, the act of kindness, sympathy, endurance, love and most especially patience.

A submissive husband is a husband who knows how to love his wife.

How To Be A Submissive Husband

A submissive husband is a husband who knows how to tolerate and be patient with his wife when provoked.

A submissive husband is a husband who knows how to love his wife unconditionally in every situation.

So you must master the act of kindness, sympathy, endurance, patience, humility and love before you can stay submissive to your wife or spouse.

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How To Be A Submissive Husband

How To Be A Submissive Husband

As being a strong headed husband has tire you and you are finally opting to be a submissive husband to your wife, I must say you have done the rightful thing, because women tends to love men who stays humble and submissive to them than men who takes them for granted.

So below are four tips on how to be a submissive husband so your wife will keep being more submissive to you too.

1: Respect Your Wife:

In every marriage, Respect is one of the things all parties owe to each other, irrespective of your status in the marriage or family, whether man or woman, you owe each other respect to the fullest.

Well, one of the things that makes marriage sounds funny in our present day society is the inability of many men to respect their wife.

Respect present here isn’t just the normal respect, but the respect that comes when your woman makes some certain decision and you keep to it without the society mindset of being the “head” of the family.

Marriage demands that as a man, you must learn and be willing to be submissive to your wife, and one of the ways of being submissive to your wife is by respecting some of her decision.

Sometimes allow her to make the rules without interfering. Sometimes allow her to take the lead without feeling threaten of your position.

In fact I must say, one of the things destroying so many marriages in the society is the societal believe that women doesn’t have a say in their marriage. Women truly have a say.

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A woman can see you as a submissive husband or partner when some of her decisions in the home start getting respected and taken than being objected because women are believed not to have a say.

So one of the ways of being a submissive husband is by respecting your woman and some of her decisions.

2: Being Loyal To Your Wife:

Most marriages ended up in separation as a result of the men not being loyal to their wives. And sometimes this always bring a huge problem to the home especially when the woman is tired of enduring it alone. One day she may spark up, it may end up in chaos, who knows.

Well, if you wishes to be submissive to your wife, make sure you stay loyal to her and act like one being owned. This won’t only extend the lifespan of your marriage, but it will bring more of the same loyalty and respect from her too.

3: Tolerance:

Marriage requires a lot of tolerance from the both parties, not just from the wife alone. You must learn to tolerate your wife in a bad or good state.

Sometimes women can be annoying, it will be for your own interest and interest of your family to tolerate her till the end, as she will see you as one being submissive to her. So you must master the act of tolerance and more to be able to have a beautiful marriage ahead.

4: Love

A submissive husband is a husband that so much love his wife and will do everything to please her.

I have always maintained that marriage is not a war, marriage is problem and marriage shouldn’t be feared to practice.

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In fact the holy bible of Christians described marriage as a beautiful union of two people. But unless you get a mental reformation and distance your self from the societal norms, beliefs and ideologies, you will never see the beauty part of marriage.

There must be love present for a man to be submissive to his wife. Too much of love shown to women is what some called “spell” or “voodoo” but I think for one to be able to practice love properly, you must be under a spell. So don’t be worried when the society say you are under a spell just because you are giving your wife or partner the best of love and affection she deserves. It really shows you truly love her and you are submissive to her.


How To Be A Submissive Husband

There are different ways on how to be a submissive husband to your wife, but the above mentioned options are among the the few things to do.

You must learn to respect your respect your wife always irrespective of what the society is saying about it.

You must master the act of loyalty to your wife. Wives aren’t the only one meant to be submissive to husband by being loyal to them, men also owe their wives loyalty and that’s a sign of a submissive husband.

You must learn to tolerate your wife or partner and ignore the advice the society is giving.

And lastly you must learn to always love your wife in all aspects of life and always be by her side. I wish you best of luck in your marital journey. Bright Tobias is rooting for you.

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Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?



True Love Is When He Ignores You
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Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?

The question, “Do You Believe In Love At First Sight” is actually directed to you, I mean you that is reading this, and of course an answer is expected from you, do you really believe in love at first sight?. Do you believe that two people can really fall in love with each other just the same day they met each other?, Do you believe that you personally can develop a feeling for someone you just met and start falling YAKATA for them?

My Heart Belongs To You Quotes

Well, before giving me your answer, let’s take some seconds talk about the “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT“.

Love At First Sight

Before Nodding whether in favour of love at first sight or nodding in disagree with it, the question is what exactly is love at first sight?.

Well, love at first sight is a sudden love developed after seeing someone for the first day and first time. This is a love often seen as infatuation and sometimes, hardly work out based on the circumstances surrounding it.

Love At First Sight – Circumstances

Success Motivation Quotes

What are the circumstances surrounding this love at first sight?, Well most of the things that happens at first sight is being considered as an infactuation and rarely yield fruit simply because this is an arousal of feelings.

This is love that shows up mostly when you sees someone and start developing personal admiration for him or her immediately. And as we know feelings can vanish at anytime especially when personal aims has been achieved. So at this point, all the parties involved get tired of each other simply because feelings was the only circumstances surrounding such love.

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Well having talk a bit about love at first sight, let’s jump back to our formal question which says, do you believe in love at first sight? Do you really believe?

Do You Believe In Love At First Sight

Well before giving us your opinion, let me lead first. I totally believe in love at first sight. I believe that true love can exist in the midst of two lovers who just sees each other.

My Heart Belongs To You Quotes

At first it could be infactuation and about feelings or whatever anyone could think of, but when worked out properly, it could turn into something positive. It’s all about your mindset and your intention of falling in love at the first place.

Beauty can attract you towards someone and took advantage of it positively and ended being the best of its kind. It’s just for you to explore other aspects of the love before the proposal.

Many times it is said that beauty can take you into a marriage, and character will take you out. But what happens when beauty takes you into a marriage and you still have a good and well mannered character?, I guess nothing else is likely to take you out. This is what happens when you try to take advantage of the love at first sight positively, instead of achieving your aims and satisfying your feelings and kicking off. It doesn’t sound good bro/sis.

So to me Bright Tobias, I believe in love at first, how about you? Do you believe?. Let’s hear your opinion on the comment section.

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Truth Or Dare Blog Game



Truth Or Dare Blog
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Truth Or Dare Blog Game

Truth Or Dare Blog Game are fun and a bit fr*aky games used by bloggers to welcome and as well entertain their readers and audience. This gaming activities varies from type by type as they are mainly composed by the blog owners to entertain their audience, and must align to their preferred niche or blogging subject.

Truth Or Dare Blog

However, the end-point of this game is to asses people’s personality and know their inner worth which might not have been shared to others.

Truth Or Dare Blog Game

Truth Or Dare blog Game which can be simply shorten as truth or dare game is mainly to impose your ideas on whoever you are playing it with to either dance on your toe or expose part of their secret, as youths mainly plays this.

This game is just about asking whoever you are playing it with to either choose to say something truthful and wholeheartedly or be dared to do something out of their personal will.

However, even though this games is always been taken to the negative side especially when being played by the youths, as they sees it as the only games they use in asking some fr*aky and nasty questions and naughty dares, but then there also positive aspect of the truth or dare blog game. I think this is about those playing it.

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How To Play Truth Or Dare Blog Game/Truth Or Dare Game

Truth Or Dare Blog

Truth or dare game can be played by multiple people starting with two people on the scene. This can be played by people of the same gender or people of the opposite gender, it all about the intention of it.

Is Truth Or Dare Blog Game Good Or Bad?

I can’t say truth or dare game is bad, neither will I say it’s good, the outcome is all about the intention of indulging in the game.

However, in as much as this particular games is being played by many teenagers who are just growing up and exploring LIFE, thereby getting influenced through it’s activities, it is also good to know that this game can be seen as a therapeutic and practical method of killing boredom in a RELATIONSHIP or MARRIAGE. You just have to play it with the right person to get the best of it.

Well aside this, let’s specifically talk about the good and bad aspect of truth or dare blog game, starting with the bad aspect.

Truth Or Dare Game – Bad Aspect

Truth Or Dare Blog

This particular truth or dare game has contributed highly towards the mind pollution of some teenagers who keep on practicing what they learnt from the games. In some cases, the teenagers who indulge in playing this games end up developing quick feelings for whoever they played it with which isn’t right at their age. And many more.

Truth Or Dare Game – Good Aspect

This beautiful game can also help couples and those in a RELATIONSHIP know and understand themselves well as they intend to answer some deeper questions asked by their partner.

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Aside this, truth or dare game also help in having fun and spending time with your partner without knowing, and spending time with your partner contributes a lot towards the growth of every RELATIONSHIP and union. This and more are the good aspect of playing this truth or dare game.

Truth Or Dare Blog Game – Conclusion

Truth Or Dare Blog

In as much as truth or dare game is a popular game almost everyone play, there are people who still lag behind and maybe haven’t done or played it before.

MY ADVICE: If you are in a RELATIONSHIP and wishes to keep watering your union, then consider learning more about the game and playing it with your partner. But mind you, play it with your only partner as Bright Tobias does not support cross dating or any form of cheating, Thank you and stay blessed.

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