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5 Importance Of Relationship To Men



5 Importance Of Relationship To Men
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Speaking about the importance of RELATIONSHIP to men, there are several angles that needs some enlightenment to get it digested properly especially by the guys which the topic is specifically meant for. We are likely to know about relationship but knowing about the importance of it to guys and to ladies might be far away from us, but here it comes to us for free. Calm down, read and digest the 5 IMPORTANCE OF RELATIONSHIP TO MEN.

It’s quite unfortunate that in our society today, the original tune of Relationship has actually been shifted from its positive merits to a kind of joke which most people now sees it as.

Most people don’t believe in anything call Relationship again due to the fact that the society we live in have conveyed it into a negative practice, where we venture to gain our selfish purpose and later take our leave. The spirit is no longer available to many of us, we now sees it as a business in the society

Someone will ask, how is RELATIONSHIP seen as a business?, But what makes it look like a business is the fact that we ventures into it for the purpose of gaining some special merits which we will later dump off after such merits seems not to be there any longer. Is that really the true definition of Relationship?, Or is that really how it is been done?.

Actually anything that has to do with Relationship which involves two partners who are in love with themselves is an 18+ doings. This means that Relationship is mainly for adults who have gotten some kind of matured knowledge towards handling some personal issues that are likely to pop out in such union.

Relationship is not and never a joke, this is why things that involves love, Relationship, Dating, Romance or things related are tagged 18+ or will specified as adults only.

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There are a lot to talk about the topic because this knowledge seems to be far from many of us, but unfortunately we have less time and need to jump to our main content before loosing any attention. But wait, we have prepared some contents about RELATIONSHIP and DATING for you, just click any and continue.


5 Importance Of Relationship To Men

5 List Table

When the world of Relationship is being echoed in our society, we will actually have one or two things to say about it and to share our various perspectives. Just as our faces differs in resemblance, so as our knowledge do. But the idea that RELATIONSHIP doesn’t help anyone is a fallacious one but unfortunately, this idea has gotten into our skull thereby making Relationship less valued in the society.

But before going further, below are just the list of the 5 IMPORTANCE OF RELATIONSHIP TO MEN

1: RELATIONSHIP Helps A Man To Know Deep About His Woman.

In no doubt, this is one of the common problems we face everyday in our marriages. Yes, most at time we marry people who we think we know very well, but in the other side, we have zero knowledge of who they are.

Relationship is actually the gateway to Marriage and you must surely walk through this gate for a better result in your marriage.


It is so true that at times things can happen in a marriage or an unexpected can happen which the woman will suddenly change even after walking through the gateway for years before arriving in your marriage, but there are greater chances of having a successful and peaceful marriage when you walk through this gateway than bypassing the process.

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Relationship helps in giving you a full details and knowledge of who your partner is and who you will surely be getting married to. This full details include but not limited to her background, her likes and dislikes, what annoys her most and knowing her family too.

This actually helps in maintaining peace in your home and most especially having peace of mind in your marriage.

2: RELATIONSHIP Prepares You Into A Manhood Even When You Are Not Yet Married

Most at times what makes you a man is the kind of tasks or roles you play in a family. Not just by being adult and matured, but by playing some specific roles played by men.

Actually, in every family everyone have their roles and each roles is being assigned to those who are capable of handling them well, some roles are the boundaries that differentiate a MAN from A BOY because such roles are assigned to men only.

RELATIONSHIP plays a major role in this aspect as it will help you in knowing things you are ought to do as a man, how to treat your woman how to handle and take care of your family. This process is likely to start when in a relationship and keep it on till marriage. It mold you on her to be a man in your home.


This will actually help your marriage to last as you have learnt a lot before officially getting married to your partner.

In a short description, we can just say RELATIONSHIP is like a classroom where you and your partner learns a lot about yourselves and how to make things work out in the family. After this learning comes the MARRIAGE where everything you learnt is expected to be laid down in practice.

3: RELATIONSHIP Grants You Peace Of Mind When You Finally Settle Down With Your Woman.

Many at times some marriages crash after having a lot of issues that involves problems which peace in the family becomes the opposite. Fight and quarrel becomes the steady headline in the family as a result of not having a rest of mind when being at home.

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Relationship helps you to build your Marriage in a bed of peace and Grant you PEACE OF MIND in your marriage.

4: RELATIONSHIP Helps In Building Love And Trust.

This is no doubt among the things that serves as a pillar to a happy home and peaceful marriage, “LOVE and TRUST“.

In family where there is LOVE and TRUST, such family or marriage always dwell in an honour of everyone. It is always appreciated in the society and this can mainly be possible through the gateway of Marriage (Relationship).

5: RELATIONSHIP Before MARRIAGE, Gives You Full Access To A Woman’s Life

People who understands the importance of RELATIONSHIP in the society are mainly the ones that takes advantage of it and their Marriage mainly stand. Don’t just play societal games in the name of Relationship and at the end, you end up with a wrong woman because you are looking out for something else.

Look at for a lady who can be compatible with you in all senses and roll the dice with her.

Just as it sound, is an adult union and not for kids. But the adult in place here is not when you are turning old, no, start at the young of your 18+ age. Shoot your shot and play it positively, and your Marriage will lys on the rock of ages… Thanks

5 Importance Of Relationship To Men

Note: Do not be deceive by some fallacious beliefs about RELATIONSHIPS, just embark on your journey and always pray to God to give you the right person for you.

This is also applicable to the ladies/women also, but to dive into the women side, Read below the

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Cute 14 Year Old Boys And Expectations – BrightWorld Blog



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Cute 14 Year Old Boys are the under age boys still growing in different directions and different ways of life. Here can be seen as one of the important stages in people’s lives where they need a proper structure to grow towards a particular direction needed by the parents, or to key straight towards their ambition.

Most times, parents spend their time checking on what areas their children are likely to perform well in their lives, and try to structure and expose them towards that direction.

Cute 14 year old boys

Cute 14 year old boys who are growing towards being part of the music making legends will likely get structured and expose to studio, piano, keyboards and some of the instruments needed in the music making profession.

Cute 14 year old boys who are getting inspired from big and top footballers will also keyed and exposed to football and attending some football games to see how it’s been done, and most importantly getting registered into a football academy for some practice.

So comes in the aspect of cute 14 year old boys who are inspiring to be engineers, lawyers, medical doctors and the rest, their main key focus is to be placed in a good teaching school where they can gain some basic knowledge of what is done in and within their professions, for better enhancement.

While still tender, some will be expose to some higher teachings and books to be able to adapt easily, tho it may not be properly necessarily to start over feeding their brains with bigger words and knowledge above their mental capacity, but doing so little by little can be a way of making them learn easily. And also an easy way of introducing the future to them.


Most times this is the stage where the tender ones decide about their future and what they will be when they grow up.

Cute 14 year old boys

In fact at that period, asking a cute 14 year old boy about what he intends to be, will make you understand that people think bigger at their tender age than when when grown.

A cute 14 year old boy can have a lot of things stuck in his mind of what he intends to be, probably he may be thinking that achieving them will be that much easier than the reality, lol.

This is why you can ask a boy of that level about what he intends to be when grown, you will be surprised about the number of professions and businesses he might list for you.

One when being asked about his future and what he would wants to be when grown, he said he dream of being a pilot, a medical doctor and a lawyer probably to protect his parents from any court case, well if you really understand the answers he gave I hope you will probably be laughing or smiling now.

Cute 14 year old boys

That’s to show you how big some of their ambitions can be, and although the possibility of achieving all this dreams can be fewer, but discouraging them with some words can have some negative impacts on them.

But here comes the duty of the parents to try assessing the areas the boys are doing more well, and structure them more over there.

An instance above where a boy talks about being a pilot, medical doctor and a lawyer, his parents or guardian can try assessing the boy on the area he is more good and perfect.

If the boy can relate with medical tools and equipment more than any other, then gradually teaching him on related topics and exposing him to schools that are related to that will sound great. And same goes to all professions and areas.


Sometimes having a bunch of professions in pursuit can be a good way of failing in life, this is why all parents must try as much as possible to get the areas where their children are doing well and key them towards that direction. Thanks.

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Hot Teenage Boys And Lifestyle



Hot teenage boys
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Hot teenage boys can be seen as teenagers who are still facing some effects of adolescent stages in their lives irrespective of how old they may be. This is one of the development seen on tender age, in people who are quite growing up and would definitely wants to tests what they may have not tested before, or do things entirely different from what they have been doing.

As we may know, adolescent stage is one of the difficult stage in anyone’s life as it can be seen as the stage that influences people more on the negative side.

Here on the box, some growing boys will probably be admiring to look cute, look attractive and very hot to others. This is where boyfriends and girlfriends sets in.


Hot teenage boys


As stated, this is one of the hard trying times in everyone’s life which has the ability to place one in a negative side of life or in the positive side, but the effect of this stage can be seen with a greater percentage of negativity in people’s lives than positive.

However, this can be probably seen as periods that shapes one and places one in any direction of life and any lifestyle to take in.


Just as seen on the female gender who will see their self growing and having some development on and around their body, same goes to the male gender as they won’t be exempted from it’s effect and influence from their peer friends.

HOT TEENAGE BOYS – Characteristics

There are quite numbers of things that shows this lifestyle and character in the lives of teenage boys and some of them are as follows.

1: Change In Dressing Mode:

As a teenage boy trying to look very handsome and hot at the same time, trying out some wears he haven’t been used to will probably be on his mind.

This may not fully go well with him initially considering some factors like his family, parents and how everyone will react on his new mode of dressing, but peers groups and friends are always there to help out in the convincing. This is probably why parents are always advised to know the kinds of friends their kids are keeping outside.

Here the boys who may have gotten some specific knowledge on how to impress and catch other fishes in the river (opposite gender) will be eager to try things out and see how it’s been done.

Changing fashion and mode of dressing to fit in with others attire can be a way of getting hot to be able to catch more fishes as expecting.

Hot teenage boys

2: Smoking And Clubbing:

To some, trying out a stick of cigarette and attending some clubbing house can be a new inspiration, idea and new thing to try out.


This will probably be an entirely new to the young man growing, but then the spirit of teenage and adolescent can be seen extraordinarily.

3: Going After The Opposite Gender (Girls):

As an adolescent teenager trying to ripe and mature, one of the common Characteristics that will likely be noticed in their lives is the urge of wanting to be with their opposite gender.

Yes, this is actually where the act of boyfriend and girlfriend comes in as the teenage boy isn’t just looking hot in vain or for fashion sake, going after the female ones in their class can be part of it also.


Hot teenage boys

Looking hot isn’t bad in anyway as it still stands as a way of looking good and attractive too, but while looking hot also look good and smart.

While looking hot also dress normal and responsible as a young man growing up, do not be influence negatively into living a weird lifestyle in the name of looking hot, just watch your space.


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Cute Teenage Guys And Career



Hot teenage boys
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Cute Teenage Guys: Everyone is quite cute and beautiful, both male and female as long as one has a special inbuilt qualities which makes him or her unique, so it can be the cute and beauty aspect of you.

Cuteness in some cases is beyond the physical look and the beauty of the face, but those unique qualities that makes up who you are, and in some cases, makes you different from others.

But going by just the physical looks and attraction, this cuteness sometimes fade off while growing into maturity and turning to a man and more responsible.


Most times when cute teenage guys are growing up, a lot of dreams will likely be popping out from their mind which they may be aiming to Chase, pursue and achieve.

At the end of the run, some may meet up with some of their goals and aims while some may not, just as life decides.

But the dreams from their mind can be so high to achieve, some will dream of being a pilot, some being an engineer, some a lawyer while some will dream of being a footballer, an entertainer and so much more.

But it is only left for life to decide what one can be as some of this dreams and aims might be switched to another in future time.

This may be as a result of cute teenage guys being unable to withstand some circumstances and challenges that may befall them while pursuing their career and dream.


Cute Teenage Guys And Career

Below are some list of some various careers cute teenage guys may be aspiring to be in future time.

1: Music Artist:

While dreaming high, some will definitely dream of being part of the popular artists that will be known in the country and outside the country as well, this dream in pursuit is not likely to die or fade off easily, but time and life may decides what to give.

Most cute teenage guys always aspire to be a musician especially the ones inspired by their role models who may have gone around the world and witness so much love from their fans all over the world.

The feeling of seeing their favs perform in some high places will be a source of inspiration to them. But then despite all the dream, can life easily permits them to get there?.

Sometimes the outcome of such dreams may turn out unproductive and get abolished as some circumstances and challenges needed to get there may over power them, but success is assured with great determination.

However, most of the cute teenage guys who are aiming to go into music always spend their time making music in the studio, learning some keyboard, piano or playing some guitar for some perfection.

Cute Teenage Guys And Career

2: Smart And Career Minded Ones

This is a class where cute teenage guys who are aspiring to be doctors, scientists, philosophers and most of the professions that requires steady reading falls into.

Here most guys aspires to be highly intellectual through reading of so many books in different professionals.

Cute Teenage Guys who aims towards being a doctor, an engineer and scientists spend most of their time reading books and acquiring knowledge needed in their various professions.

Cute Teenage Guys And Career

3: Drawing Artists

Even at tender age, some guys are very much talented in things that relate to making some sketches and putting down some drawings on the paper even without looking at anything.

Cute Teenage Guys And Career

There are various top drawing artists who are well known and most at times, they serve as the role model to the upcoming ones.


There are bunch of careers out there being chosen by different people and the decision of going into one isn’t just for fun, but your passion and how well you can do on that area will definitely stick you glued to it and to your dream.


One thing is to aim and dream of something, another thing is to be determined to go for it. Don’t just dream, also go for it.

And the journey won’t definitely be as easy as you may think early, but I pray you conquer all the challenges and obstacles that will try to weigh you down…. Amen.


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