Love at first sight

Love At First Sight.

Contrary to some people’s negative perspective towards LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, it is important some know that love at first sight has equally helped a lot of people kick off a perfect Relationship and build a suitable home which love at thousand sight might not give them.

This is not about telling you that love at first sight is the best or isn’t, but it’s about the things that facilitates each way you follow.

People who emphasizes more on the danger of love at first sight are either two people, those who stubbornly fell in love at first sight without taking the necessary requirements or precautions before jumping into RELATIONSHIP, or some relationship expert who strongly understand people’s negligence over the precautions while falling in love.

However, as I stated in my previous post about LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT MEANING, one can perfectly kick off a love affair or Relationship at their first sight. Whether love at first sight, love at thousand sights or even love at million sights, if you really understands the strategy fully and take the necessary precautions, you will have a beautiful Marriage thereafter.

With no doubt, falling in love in our current world today is no longer rare or weird, it’s based on how open or known you can let it be.

And some of this romantic and emotional feelings is being noticed on just a first sight of seeing him or her. So whether keeping such feelings till meeting each other for hundred, thousand or million times is left for who is involved. This is an open reality in our world.

Moreover, one can still engage in a relationship or fall in love in a normal way different from love at first sight, and still ends up achieving nothing and being served with enough breakfast.

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However, a good, better and best way of having the best of love and Relationship you wishes to have is by taking some personal precautions before jumping into love or RELATIONSHIP.


There are many precautions one can take in order to have a better future and stay good and in safe lane even after falling in love, and avoid unnecessary break out. Below is some personal question you need to ask to keep yourself aware of the journey ahead.

1: Does Your Partner Love You?:

When that feelings of love is giving you tough time and making you crazy, just ask yourself if the person truly love you as you love him or her, or as he or she said.

Don’t just conclude that your partner loves you, does it show on their character?.

For you to fall in love properly, enjoy it and avoid some breakfast (heart break), then the LOVE has to be mutual.

Don’t just love your partner, also expect to be loved by your partner. It goes both way round.

2: Does Your Partner Family Like/Love You?:

This is one of the biggest question you should ask your self before thinking about moving further. That boo and babe you so much love and whenever you sees him or her, you become crazy because you are crazily in love with him or her, does his or her family, siblings and relatives like/love you as well?.

You should understand that love, Relationship and Marriage is not just a two person’s thing in some part of the world, sometimes when you marry him, you are officially married to his family and vice versa. Sometimes when you are engaged to him, you are engaged to his sisters as well, when you are seriously in love with her, you also have her parents and relatives to contend with when things pop out.

This means that at times when you marry your woman or your man, you are also subjected to listen and respect the family which in some case, can be a major problem you will face in your marital home and not just the one from your partner.

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So where love isn’t shown to you by your partner’s family and relatives, moving further with such person is at owners risk.

3: Do You Have What It Takes To Fall In Love:

Falling in love is far beyond the feeling, there are many things attached. You just need to ask yourself if you are truly ready and have what it takes to fall in love.

Falling in love might get you a different results from how you both started which you may not like, so you have to be prepared ahead, stay fit financially and in all aspects to be able to take the result boldly.

Love at first sight
Love at first sight

So asking your self if you are ready for the journey can be a good precautions to take before moving ahead.


Falling in love is one thing, protecting your love against attack to avoid being served breakfast is another thing. Below are few among the various ways one can protect his or her love, and save his or her relationship or marriage.

1: Learn More About Your Partner:

Knowing more about your partner isn’t about knowing his or her name, sure name, his or her likes and dislikes, but extend it beyond him or her alone, extend your knowledge around.

Move further to know the kind of parents and relatives he or she may have because most at times, those surrounding your partner are likely to be the cause of any problem that may result out. Just make sure your partner is being surrounded with good people who can love you and accept you among themselves.

The journey of LOVE, RELATIONSHIP and MARRIAGE is quite beyond those involved, as those surrounding people involved also play some roles towards the influence of such love, Relationship or Marriage, but most at times their roles are hidden and not much open. While some case is more noticeable and although it’s very wrong some how as a parent or relative to interfere in people’s lives who are more matured and can handle any issues raised in their personal life, but such is the case in most places and homes. And culture as well.

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This is why you don’t just learn about your partner, but go as far as learning about his or her parents, how they treat you and how they act towards you.

Whichever place you are accepted, the signal won’t show more than twice before you notice it.

This will help you protect the love you have for your partner.

2: Avoid Taking Unnecessary Advise From Everyone:

Sometimes your own best friend can be an instrument of your downfall in your love journey, Relationship or Marriage. Sometimes not all your friends wishes you well and not all want you happy in your relationship or Marriage, so some tries as much as possible to pull you off from the relationship or Marriage.

Though some advise that may be coming from them may not really be sounding weird or bittered, some are not likely to wish you bad also, so advise given by them may not really be intended to destroy your relationship or so, but applying them in your own life may be at your own risk.

Most at times things work in different ways, sometimes applying a process, procedure or method one is using to build his or her home perfectly well in your own home may put you in a negative side.

Everyone is to have a deeper knowledge and deeper understanding of what can favour their home and what can’t.

We are quite different, taking advise from Mrs Linda on how she built a perfect love and secured her home perfectly may end up destroying your own home because what work for Linda may not work for you. Just a reality. Thanks.


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