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Precautions Before Falling In Love – Love At First Sight



Love at first sight
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Love At First Sight.

Contrary to some people’s negative perspective towards LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, it is important some know that love at first sight has equally helped a lot of people kick off a perfect Relationship and build a suitable home which love at thousand sight might not give them.

This is not about telling you that love at first sight is the best or isn’t, but it’s about the things that facilitates each way you follow.

People who emphasizes more on the danger of love at first sight are either two people, those who stubbornly fell in love at first sight without taking the necessary requirements or precautions before jumping into RELATIONSHIP, or some relationship expert who strongly understand people’s negligence over the precautions while falling in love.

However, as I stated in my previous post about LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT MEANING, one can perfectly kick off a love affair or Relationship at their first sight. Whether love at first sight, love at thousand sights or even love at million sights, if you really understands the strategy fully and take the necessary precautions, you will have a beautiful Marriage thereafter.

With no doubt, falling in love in our current world today is no longer rare or weird, it’s based on how open or known you can let it be.

And some of this romantic and emotional feelings is being noticed on just a first sight of seeing him or her. So whether keeping such feelings till meeting each other for hundred, thousand or million times is left for who is involved. This is an open reality in our world.

Moreover, one can still engage in a relationship or fall in love in a normal way different from love at first sight, and still ends up achieving nothing and being served with enough breakfast.

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However, a good, better and best way of having the best of love and Relationship you wishes to have is by taking some personal precautions before jumping into love or RELATIONSHIP.


There are many precautions one can take in order to have a better future and stay good and in safe lane even after falling in love, and avoid unnecessary break out. Below is some personal question you need to ask to keep yourself aware of the journey ahead.

1: Does Your Partner Love You?:

When that feelings of love is giving you tough time and making you crazy, just ask yourself if the person truly love you as you love him or her, or as he or she said.

Don’t just conclude that your partner loves you, does it show on their character?.

For you to fall in love properly, enjoy it and avoid some breakfast (heart break), then the LOVE has to be mutual.

Don’t just love your partner, also expect to be loved by your partner. It goes both way round.

2: Does Your Partner Family Like/Love You?:

This is one of the biggest question you should ask your self before thinking about moving further. That boo and babe you so much love and whenever you sees him or her, you become crazy because you are crazily in love with him or her, does his or her family, siblings and relatives like/love you as well?.

You should understand that love, Relationship and Marriage is not just a two person’s thing in some part of the world, sometimes when you marry him, you are officially married to his family and vice versa. Sometimes when you are engaged to him, you are engaged to his sisters as well, when you are seriously in love with her, you also have her parents and relatives to contend with when things pop out.

This means that at times when you marry your woman or your man, you are also subjected to listen and respect the family which in some case, can be a major problem you will face in your marital home and not just the one from your partner.

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So where love isn’t shown to you by your partner’s family and relatives, moving further with such person is at owners risk.

3: Do You Have What It Takes To Fall In Love:

Falling in love is far beyond the feeling, there are many things attached. You just need to ask yourself if you are truly ready and have what it takes to fall in love.

Falling in love might get you a different results from how you both started which you may not like, so you have to be prepared ahead, stay fit financially and in all aspects to be able to take the result boldly.

Love at first sight

Love at first sight

So asking your self if you are ready for the journey can be a good precautions to take before moving ahead.


Falling in love is one thing, protecting your love against attack to avoid being served breakfast is another thing. Below are few among the various ways one can protect his or her love, and save his or her relationship or marriage.

1: Learn More About Your Partner:

Knowing more about your partner isn’t about knowing his or her name, sure name, his or her likes and dislikes, but extend it beyond him or her alone, extend your knowledge around.

Move further to know the kind of parents and relatives he or she may have because most at times, those surrounding your partner are likely to be the cause of any problem that may result out. Just make sure your partner is being surrounded with good people who can love you and accept you among themselves.

The journey of LOVE, RELATIONSHIP and MARRIAGE is quite beyond those involved, as those surrounding people involved also play some roles towards the influence of such love, Relationship or Marriage, but most at times their roles are hidden and not much open. While some case is more noticeable and although it’s very wrong some how as a parent or relative to interfere in people’s lives who are more matured and can handle any issues raised in their personal life, but such is the case in most places and homes. And culture as well.

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This is why you don’t just learn about your partner, but go as far as learning about his or her parents, how they treat you and how they act towards you.

Whichever place you are accepted, the signal won’t show more than twice before you notice it.

This will help you protect the love you have for your partner.

2: Avoid Taking Unnecessary Advise From Everyone:

Sometimes your own best friend can be an instrument of your downfall in your love journey, Relationship or Marriage. Sometimes not all your friends wishes you well and not all want you happy in your relationship or Marriage, so some tries as much as possible to pull you off from the relationship or Marriage.

Though some advise that may be coming from them may not really be sounding weird or bittered, some are not likely to wish you bad also, so advise given by them may not really be intended to destroy your relationship or so, but applying them in your own life may be at your own risk.

Most at times things work in different ways, sometimes applying a process, procedure or method one is using to build his or her home perfectly well in your own home may put you in a negative side.

Everyone is to have a deeper knowledge and deeper understanding of what can favour their home and what can’t.

We are quite different, taking advise from Mrs Linda on how she built a perfect love and secured her home perfectly may end up destroying your own home because what work for Linda may not work for you. Just a reality. Thanks.



Text Messages Freaky Cute Paragraphs For Him



Text Messages Freaky Cute Paragraphs For Him
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Text Messages Freaky Cute Paragraphs For Him

You wanna freaky him up?, then this “Text Messages Freaky Cute Paragraphs For Him” is rightly for you.

As youay know, gone are the days when all task concerning Relationship both toasting, proposing, accepting or even freaking are done by the men only. The society now embraces gender equality as some says what a man can do, a woman can do it even better. Hmm

But in what area do you think a woman can do better than men in Relationship?, Is there any side of it specifically made for any gender?, Is toasting made for the men alone at the first place?, I really don’t think so. But the good thing is that the society has buckle up, the ladies now crush and toast their favourite boo, lol.

Text Messages Freaky Cute Paragraphs For Him

Good thing about this is that Amaka Won’t be getting shy any longer to say Romantic things to Emeka who she is secretly crushing on, or feel shy trying to confess her Love for him. Even when some may think this is part of the moral decadence in the society, I strongly believe and support that men shouldn’t be the only ones doing all this, from crushing to toasting and to proposing. If a lady has a feeling for anyone she should speak up.

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But however, let’s just take some few Text Messages Freaky Cute Paragraphs Amaka can learn in order to shoot a nice shot to Emeka.

Text Messages Freaky Cute Paragraphs For Him

1: Hi Bestie, It’s Friday Can We Just Hang Out Somewhere To Chill And Have Fun

So I always hear people call bestie to wish them happy birthday or things related to that, even when some may have different name they call their best friends (whether male or female), but why not at times take it to another level with that bestie.

Text Messages Freaky Cute Paragraphs For Him

But wait, who is bestie?, Even when some may hang around with people who they are having crush on and call them different name from bestie, why not choke them some day with the above Text Messages Freaky Cute Paragraphs For Him?.

This might sound a little bit strange to him tho especially when you don’t call him that name, but the outcome will definitely be positive.

So instead of waiting for anyone to notice you, toast you or ask you out for some freaky day or freaky date, why not kick that plan first?, At least you read that first, so take the lead first.

Text Messages Freaky Cute Paragraphs For Him

Call him or text him, give him this cute freaky paragraph and wait for the outcome, lol always be ready shaa.

2: Hi Bestie, I Was Wondering If You Can Stop By At My Place Since I’m Just Alone

Imagine opening your phone and the first message you could see is this, what will be your immediate action?, Especially when it coming from someone you like or kinda having a mutual feelings for each other. Your immediate action may even be like that of spider Man or “flash” in the movie who can just move from one location to the other within a seconds. So trying this out may not really be bad.

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Text Messages Freaky Cute Paragraphs For Him

Open your phone, get into your messaging app and hit that Text Messages Freaky Cute Paragraphs For Him and see him react as you expect, you mustn’t be a patient dog before you can find love, if love doesn’t find you, then go find love. BRIGHT TOBIAS Says so.

Text Messages Freaky Cute Paragraphs For Him


The above listed Text Messages Freaky Cute Paragraphs For Him are just few from many Text Messages Freaky Cute Paragraphs For Him and you can also formulate any freaky message and hit the send button, that love must happen. Bright Tobias says so.

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Blooming Love Flowers For Your Lover



Blooming love
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Blooming Love Flowers For Your Lover

Sometimes while in pursuit of love and affection, free and open communication can be said to be the best as a close mouth is a close destiny just as some religious folks always say, but then this doesn’t apply always.

There are actually some communications that requires action over words coming from the mouth, and some of this communications can be found among admirers and lovers whose communication signs can be said to be displayed in a tactical and romantic way by just a presentation of blooming love flower.

Blooming love

This entails that sometimes, instead of heading over to someone you may have been secretly crushing on or wanting to mingle with and start throwing out everything in your mind which at that moment may sound like a heavy bomb blast to the one you are communicating to, a presentation of blooming love flower to him or her can just help you out make the proper communication without seeing a reason to be shy.

Blooming love flowers are beautifully and specifically designed for special kind of people and for a special purpose. I don’t really think anyone will be needing any further explanation from you when you hand them some of this blooming love flowers as it signifies love, attraction and affection.

Blooming Love Flowers For Your Lover

Blooming love

However, blooming love flowers can be a great gift anyone can offer to his or her partner as flowers signifies love and affection and continuity of unity and love.

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Sometimes, buy some of this flowers and gift them to your partner, some people actually love getting flower gift from their partners during any love festive period like VALENTINE’S DAY, CHRISTMAS or during wedding or birthday celebration.

Blooming love

Although people have different choice of gift and choice of what they like and what they don’t, but I don’t really think it is everyone that want iPhones and other popular gift items currently in used. Some want to perceive that beautiful and romantic scent coming from booming love flowers to reassure you of love and unity.

Below are some of the viral blooming love flowers you can actually get for your crush, partner or lover. Or to that special one who has always been with you and stood by your side, blooming love flowers can be so great for them.

Blooming love

Mind you, you mustn’t be waiting until you have the huge amount for the latest iPhone before you can do the needful, you mustn’t be waiting until you bring the sky down to him or her before you can ignite the fire of love in your RELATIONSHIP or MARRIAGE. Blooming love flowers can help you do that at lesser words and stand more UNIQUE and attractive, so why not give it a try.

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5 Things You Can Get For Your Partner On Valentine’s Day



5 Things You Can Get For Your Partner On Valentine's Day
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5 Things You Can Get For Your Partner On Valentine’s Day

So just as the Christmas season has gradually ended thereby leaving everyone in anticipation of the upcoming Valentine’s day which holds every 14th of February in a year, what special would this day be for you and your partner?

Valentine’s day as the teaching is best understood and explained, is a day for showing LOVE. There’s absolutely no specific type of love mentioned here or tagged with the Valentine’s day, but just LOVE and love alone.

This however, mean that this day is a special day for showing any kind of love you can ever think of. Be it showing love to one who you haven’t been kind to for a very long period of time, going out in the street to do some random giveaway for the homeless and orphanage, or even going on a romantic date with your partner to make them feel special, love and appreciated and getting some nice and beautiful gifts for them also. It all based on the area you are able to touch, what really matters is that you show love.

Valentine's gift flower

However, we are taking the romantic lane aspect of the “Valentine’s Day“. That is, we are more concern about the love aspect of partners who got into RELATIONSHIP for a common goal and aim.

It is in a day like this that you are meant to do something beautiful an go extra mile to spark and sharpen the love more as to keep the love flowing like a deep oceon.

How Can You Make Your Love Flow Like A Deep Oceon?

5 Things You Can Get For Your Partner On Valentine's Day

You may ask, how can one keep the love flowing like a deep oceon, well even when that may sound like a big grammar or musical rhyming words, it doesn’t make it unrealistic. But you can achieve that by doing those little things that you may think that doesn’t matter in your Relationship.

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As we all know, Relationship is truly a beautiful thing and can be more beautiful adding with sweetness when you meet the right one for you. But however, the initial stage of every relationship is always beautiful and taste so much juicy, but the later days of it can also taste sweet or taste sour based on how you are able to make things up.

The later days is sweet based on how you are able to continue doing those minor minor and little little things you were doing when you both started newly or when you first meet him or her.

I guess when you both met in the shopping mall or somewhere else and exchange contact, you always call him or her at night to ask of how his or her day went, and you won’t let 14th of February slide by without getting flower or nice things to him or her. So now you both have spent months or years together, why do you want to be reminded about the 14th of February?.


Well forgetting it is just like forgetting your duty as a guy or as a lady, unless the financial aid isn’t right there at the moment, by so it can be more understandable than having the mentality that such things isn’t important any longer, Because it is.

5 Things You Can Get For Your Partner On Valentine’s Day

5 Things You Can Get For Your Partner On Valentine's Day

So for those still sparkling in their relationship and their love still flowing like a deep oceon, here are 5 Things You Can Get For Your Partner On Valentine’s Day to put that smiling face on his or her face.

1: Flower:

Sometimes some people underrate a gift of flower as they doesn’t see it valuable, eatable or usable, but there is a reason flowers are always used in occasions that involves two partners, even in marriage ceremonies, flowers are greatly in present not just for beautification alone, but to add some romantic vibe or scene to the ceremony.

Even some people that do go on a date, they would want somewhere covered by beautiful flowers as to bring that romantic scene needed in their lives, so if flowers can be chosen over valuable and eatable items, why do you still think that getting them for your partner isn’t a good one?.

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Dear, buy some flowers, and send it to your partner on the 14th to see the smile on their face. Not everyone is ready for valuable items as you may call it or money as many may desire, some just want that Red Rosy flowers to hold onto and say sweet things to you…

So add it to your budget, BRIGHT says so.

Valentine's flower

2: Necklace, Chain Or Bracelet:

Sometimes while we plan for bigger surprises for our partners and get those plans failed and abandon as a result of financial instability and it’s relating challenges, thereby leaving our duties unfulfilled, we may end up shooting ourselves by the leg especially when our cakes get taken away and consumed by another who provides those little and minor things we see as nothing.

Customize necklace

This isn’t to say that bigger surprises aren’t allowed or it’s bad, no, but it is important to know your level and never hang your cap where you can’t possibly get it down easily.

Consider getting a Necklace, Chain or bracelet for your partner and watch as that smile gushes out.

Some goes for customize necklace, chain or bracelet, but while the enough finance isn’t there to get your partner name written on the necklace, chain or bracelet, you can go for your reach.

However, as one who get such gift from your partner, expect less and appreciate more. The future hold something beautiful on the way, do not mount pressure simply because you aren’t given what you expect or want.

Better days ahead as they say, don’t you hope so?.

Customize chain

3: Clothes:

During the months or years of being with your partner, you may have known and seen the type of clothes your partner want and craves for, you can decide to launch it that day and gift them to your partner.

Fashion outfits

It mustn’t be something expensive though, just as you can afford. Be it singlet, bossers, pant or a beautiful out fit that can make that your partner jump over you and wanting to ride you like the horse of the house, lol, get them for your partner.

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4: Food:

So while staying, enjoying and also sleeping with your partner under the same roof, you can’t possibly deny the fact that there are special dishes or even foreign snacks your partner want which most at times isn’t prepared at home or within the environment. You can decide to order for it and become the newest Santa Claus to your partner.

Something like Pizza can be a good choice, but depends on you tho.


5: ShopRite:

So if you don’t see the above four list attractive or not really your choice, then you both can go to ShopRite to eat and drink to stupor, have fun and visit other fun places like swimming and create a beautiful memories together.

This won’t just make the RELATIONSHIP flows like a deep oceon as I said in the beginning but it will also get you both drown. That is, it will lead you both from Relationship to engagement and finally MARRIED… That’s just what a little act of kind can do. It goes a long way to define the future, so take every 14th of February so serious and act cheerfully to your partner, thanks.


Important Notice:

  • The above words, advise or article isn’t a gender based advise as there is absolutely no particular gender targeted when making this contents, it’s a beautiful advise for the both gender.


  • Please note that getting a Valentine’s day gift to your partner doesn’t mean your partner is still a child or acting childish, because many have this ill thinking that it is only the kids that does Valentine’s day, while the matured ones or adults doesn’t.

Well you can think whatever you want, but just as doing those childish act (as some call it) makes your Relationship last longer and improve the love your partner has for you, don’t you think that those childish act should be embraced over the matured acts?.


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