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How To Find True Love – 5 Ways To Find True Love In The Society



How to find true love
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How To Find True Love/What Is True Love.

The above topic which points towards “true love” has been a general question for a very long time now, what is true love?, and how can one find true love in the society?. Well to get deep into the topic as to have a clear understanding of it, let’s start by defining the term “True Love”.


This is a general question in the society which has been asked by a lot of people as to find the rightful side to fall in love. But then, answers given aren’t enough for some entity who crave to know more about the two words.

However, in a clear and simplest meaning of “True Love“, it means an original and real love that is free from fake and pretence.

To say this in another sound, “True Love” simply means a genuine love from the bottom of the heart. A genuine love that is free from RELATIONSHIP GAMEs, pretendance and love by self interest.

This is no doubt the best love one can have in the society or in his/her life, but unfortunately this type of love is rare to find in our midst or in the midst of those setting up a relationship goal for their selfish purpose.

True Love is the love which always ends in unity and happiness, the love which always ends in peace and most especially in marriage.

The ability to maintain true love is based on the personality of whom is involved and requires extra discipline to walk through it. And this is what causes the scarcity of such love because everyone in the society is now after his or her self interest when involving in any relationship.

This self interest can be a personal gain one aim to gain while living in pretence of love and relationship.

Just in this part of the world where people now despite the real definition of Relationship to engage in game playing just because others are doing so, “yes I can do what others are doing” isn’t a mistake on their mind.

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Such Relationship games goes in a long and deep way to devalue the rightful knowledge others have towards this “RELATIONSHIP” word. It’s importance in the society has now been overlooked as everyone is now after “Knacking” and “Chopping” techniques and games. But this is why the 5 IMPORTANCE OF RELATIONSHIP TO MEN and to WOMEN was made in our previous post to elaborate it’s importance to both gender. Check them out to find more.

However, in other not to stay out of the subject of the above topic, let’s quickly find some of the numerous ways one can find this True love, this genuine love, this love which is more enjoyable than the fake ones, and the love which helps in the world of marriage. Let’s dive in.


How to find true love

True love

There are numerous ways one can find a genuine, real and true love, but all you have to do is find the best one that suit your interest and lifestyle as the best option for MR A might not be the best for MR B. And more importantly always apply your wisdom and knowledge while searching for this love.

Below is some of the various ways to find a true love

1: Be Genuine And Be True:

This is no doubt one of the best way or one of the best techniques to find a true and genuine love. Yes if you really want a genuine and true love, you too have to be Genuine and True to yourself.


Be real and kindly make up your mind on what you want and the type of person you want for a relationship. Have a genuine mindset towards your relationship aim and be true to your target.

Don’t get involve in games or be a gamer or have a different goal for such relationship other than the one your partner have which lys on marriage, when you do, you are likely to find a gamer like you as a partner.

2: Don’t Force Anyone To Love You:

One common fact some people really don’t know is about the fact that a genuine and true love comes on it’s own, you don’t beg for it.

The best you can do when you see one who you like is to shoot your shot, do this in a good and mature way, but don’t rush at the GLIMPS of an EYE SERVICE. Always be patience.

By this way, you don’t have to bring yourself low looking like a gamer whose interest is to achieve something (mainly negative) before walking out.

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To my best of knowledge, relationship gamers are people who beg or force others to fall in love with them by just an EYE SERVICE. And easily and quickly they become lovers.

You see babe or boo just now and notice how beautiful and handsome he or she is, boom “knack” just creep into your skull, that’s now a tradition in this part of the world. But with this way of love, “TRUE LOVE” is not granteed as true love takes a while for a proper scrutiny.

3: Communicate Love Through Care

This is definitely one of the best tricks and techniques to find a genuine and true love.

Don’t just present love or relationship to anyone as it will likely sound unreal especially during the first time of meeting. A good way to shoot your shot in this aspect is through the caring method. Yes show him or her love by caring so much to him or her.

Ask questions about his or her well being and make the person understand you really care through those questions. By regular doing of this, the person is likely to be convinced about your love and with time, he or she will reciprocate.

4: Be Original And Avoid Fake Life

“Fake life goes for fake love”,

I think people who made the above statement are wise enough to know the importance of the role BEING ORIGINAL plays towards finding a true and genuine love.


Yes one of the easiest way to find a genuine love is also by being original and totally avoid anything like fake life.

Well this is common in the society where people live fake just to impress others and make people to fall in love with them. We can’t just motivate and pretend such lifestyle doesn’t happen, no it does. In fact it is more common in the society which is absolutely wrong as whichever love you get through such act barely yield results.

5: Don’t Focus On Face Beauty

Well i’m not against you choosing a beautiful partner as choice differs, but you shouldn’t let a mere look deceive you towards finding a true love.

To my reasoning, everyone in life is beautiful and handsome, it is left for you to see the potential inside of him or her because the main beauty lys inside and not just on the physical look. Those ones easily fade away.


It is very common to aspire for a goal, chase for it and achieve it through self procedure or a given strategy and techniques, but then maintaining the “achieved goal” or making it to last is also another point to take which also lys on keeping those procedures or strategies used in achieving such goal.

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To make the above sentence more clearer, let’s take a few list of how one can maintain a true love and make it to last after the main topic is being achieved.

Below is among the various ways to achieve this

1: Remain Genuine And True

In some cases people tends to change their attitude when finally gotten what they need, which can make their love to crash when one start seeing the opposite of the first or initial attitude.

Don’t just learn the act of being genuine and true just to woo someone’s son or somebody’s daughter, rather let it be part of you and part of your lifestyle. Always remain genuine and true to keep the love on a steady and smooth running.

2: Apologize When Wrong Or Mistaken And Let Him/Her Know How Much You Love Him/Her

Don’t be the type of partner who always claim right and sturbon to understand and take responsibility for your mistake. This is one of the things that kills LOVE and RELATIONSHIP.

Always apologize when being wrong and stop having the mentality of being the head or being the tale, the “head” and the “tale” drama in the society or family doesn’t stop you from being apologetical. It helps in safeguarding and maintaining the true love you have found.

Don’t just say since first number 2 of this article prevent you from begging for love, so you shouldn’t apologize or beg for forgiveness after you have gotten the love you need.

Give a try to it and stop being a sturbon boy and stubborn girl, lol.

3: Keep And Never Stop Showing Love And Care To Your Partner

After using the previous number 3 option to get into your target, never stop showing love, never stop showing care and never stop being who you were.

Expand the love and care and make your partner believe you are truly real, caring means a lot to many but they may not tell you.

4: Remain Original And Always Be Who You Are

This is one of the reasons you should totally avoid fake life when searching for true love, because keeping such a pretentious lifestyle after getting what you want is always and very difficult.

When you shoot your shot in your original lifestyle and get the bird by your side, still remain original and remain who you are. Don’t swing

5: See Your Partner As The Most Beautiful One

This is a tune of appreciation, always see your partner as the finest, it helps.

How to find true love



Just as the case of life may be, what work for one might not work for another. But there is always greater possibility of achieving this with the above listed techniques.

But in all never stop praying for God to direct your missing rib to you because without the help of God, you may achieve nothing towards your aim.

Thanks for your time – BRIGHTWORLD


Truth Or Dare Blog Game



Truth Or Dare Blog
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Truth Or Dare Blog Game

Truth Or Dare Blog Game are fun and a bit fr*aky games used by bloggers to welcome and as well entertain their readers and audience. This gaming activities varies from type by type as they are mainly composed by the blog owners to entertain their audience, and must align to their preferred niche or blogging subject.

Truth Or Dare Blog

However, the end-point of this game is to asses people’s personality and know their inner worth which might not have been shared to others.

Truth Or Dare Blog Game

Truth Or Dare blog Game which can be simply shorten as truth or dare game is mainly to impose your ideas on whoever you are playing it with to either dance on your toe or expose part of their secret, as youths mainly plays this.

This game is just about asking whoever you are playing it with to either choose to say something truthful and wholeheartedly or be dared to do something out of their personal will.

However, even though this games is always been taken to the negative side especially when being played by the youths, as they sees it as the only games they use in asking some fr*aky and nasty questions and naughty dares, but then there also positive aspect of the truth or dare blog game. I think this is about those playing it.

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How To Play Truth Or Dare Blog Game/Truth Or Dare Game

Truth Or Dare Blog

Truth or dare game can be played by multiple people starting with two people on the scene. This can be played by people of the same gender or people of the opposite gender, it all about the intention of it.

Is Truth Or Dare Blog Game Good Or Bad?

I can’t say truth or dare game is bad, neither will I say it’s good, the outcome is all about the intention of indulging in the game.

However, in as much as this particular games is being played by many teenagers who are just growing up and exploring LIFE, thereby getting influenced through it’s activities, it is also good to know that this game can be seen as a therapeutic and practical method of killing boredom in a RELATIONSHIP or MARRIAGE. You just have to play it with the right person to get the best of it.

Well aside this, let’s specifically talk about the good and bad aspect of truth or dare blog game, starting with the bad aspect.

Truth Or Dare Game – Bad Aspect

Truth Or Dare Blog

This particular truth or dare game has contributed highly towards the mind pollution of some teenagers who keep on practicing what they learnt from the games. In some cases, the teenagers who indulge in playing this games end up developing quick feelings for whoever they played it with which isn’t right at their age. And many more.

Truth Or Dare Game – Good Aspect

This beautiful game can also help couples and those in a RELATIONSHIP know and understand themselves well as they intend to answer some deeper questions asked by their partner.

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Aside this, truth or dare game also help in having fun and spending time with your partner without knowing, and spending time with your partner contributes a lot towards the growth of every RELATIONSHIP and union. This and more are the good aspect of playing this truth or dare game.

Truth Or Dare Blog Game – Conclusion

Truth Or Dare Blog

In as much as truth or dare game is a popular game almost everyone play, there are people who still lag behind and maybe haven’t done or played it before.

MY ADVICE: If you are in a RELATIONSHIP and wishes to keep watering your union, then consider learning more about the game and playing it with your partner. But mind you, play it with your only partner as Bright Tobias does not support cross dating or any form of cheating, Thank you and stay blessed.

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Flirty Response To I’m Boredl



Flirty Response To I'm Bored
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Flirty Response To I’m Bored

Flirty Response to I’m bored to keep the mind pondering in stimulation and arousal. Okay when being chatted and informed of being bored, can you State your flirty Response to I’m bored you gonna give?. Well below is my personal ideas.

Flirty Response To I'm Bored

Flirty Response To I’m Bored

As paying attention and huge focus towards Success becomes almost everyone’s aim, some still act under “work without play result to a dull person” influence and as such tends to look out for one to disturb with his or her boredom.

It could be a personal close friend, it could be an online close friend, it could be a neighbor or bestie as most people always call them.

It may not really be their intentions to bombard them with their worries and boredom by seeking up an hourly and long time chat from them, but the situation got them in their inbox.

Hey, since you have someone right there in your inbox with an important text and message and you fully knowing too well you got their message because they are bored, as to solve their problem a bit or make them feel welcomed without ignoring them, what “flirty response to I’m bored” are you gonna give out to them?.

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This may not really be about the usual type of chatting of “hi, how are you doing today, have you eaten, how is your day going” and all that. Sometimes it could stretch so long and may cause irritation if not being careful about it or handled maturely.

But as to spice up the conversation and make it fun and lively for the bored person, what “flirty response to I’m bored” are you gonna give to the person?.Well below is my personal suggestions.

Flirty Response To I’m Bored

Flirty Response To I'm Bored

1: Truth And Dare Game:

One of the flirty response to I’m bored that can keep you both into the conversation till all day long.

Boredom is actually cause as a result of few or no activities going on around you thereby causing loneliness to you.

Not having conversation with any body at the moment, not working, not reading, absolutely nothing to keep the eyes and mind busy with. Just wandering around the internet. Jumping from one social Media platform to the other, boredom is real tho. Lol.

Flirty Response To I'm Bored

So when you becomes a solution to the person, one of the flirty response to I’m bored you can give is by doing truth and dare with the person.

But hold on, what is truth and dare? And how does it solve ones boredom?.

Well find out HERE.

2: Physical Flirty Conversation:

As to solve ones boredom, you may choose to walk out of the visual conversation and sub for physical conversation. You wanna give him or her some flirty response to make them feel some kind of *****

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Visual conversation is not always suitable for that, sometimes you can go for physical and get it lasted as you both want.

Flirty Response To I'm Bored

So physical flirty response is one of my suggested flirty response to I’m bored you can give out to someone.

But hold on, I hope you fully understand what I mean by physical flirty conversation?, If you don’t then call me for physical training. Lol.

3: Let’s Go Out For Some Party:

A flirt actually needs a way to keep flirting, and if you wanna make it a plus for them, then consider going out for a party with them. That could be the flirty response to I’m bored they are trickishly looking out for, so make their dream come true. Lol.

Flirty Response To I’m Bored – Conclusion

Flirty Response To I'm Bored

There are lots of flirty response you can give to a bored fellow, but the above are just my suggestion. Compose and written by Bright Tobias.

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6 Signs He Completely Fallen For You



6 Signs He Completely Fallen For You
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6 Signs He Completely Fallen For You

Hi dear, welcome to my digital world (BRIGHTWORLD) where I share insightful contents regards to Relationship, Lifestyle, Travel and entertainment stories just to keep you educated and at the same time entertained. Please do well to Navigate to our HOMEPAGE to find out all the bunch of great articles we have for you.

6 Signs He Completely Fallen For You

Maybe you getting a sign from a guy who seems to be interested in you, the green light seems irresistible and you are beginning to wonder if he has totally fallen for you, thereby making you seek for the 6 Signs He Completely Fallen For You, well just take a chill pill as Bright Tobias delivers the 6 Signs that shows when a guy has completely and totally fallen for you without emotional control. Lol.

6 Signs He Completely Fallen For You

You are probably wondering if his kindness are genuine, if the green light you are seeing from afar signifies the sign of love, and if he has simply fallen for you, below are 6 Signs to expect when a guy has fallen YAKATA for you.

1: He Can’t Spend A Day Without Talking To You:

Craving Your Touch Quotes

First sign of love is constant and steady communication all day long without feeling or getting tired.

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Actually LOVE most times can be quite crazy and until you experience it, you won’t know how constant you can keep with someone in communication.

However, constant and steady communication doesn’t just serve as one of the signs that shows a guy has fallen for you or one of the 6 Signs He Completely Fallen For You, but also serve as one of the common things that can keep your RELATIONSHIP or MARRIAGE moving forward.

6 Signs He Completely Fallen For You

When a guy constant stay in touch and in communication with you without the scenario of business partners or working colleagues, like always calling to check up on you, to ask about your night, about your day and how you are faring, or always texting you, then the guy is obviously in love with you.

This love could be genuine love which can lead to something positive, or opposite. It is left for you to do your findings to know the intention behind the love.

2: He Can’t Stay A Whole Day Without Thinking About You:

One of the 6 Signs He Completely Fallen For You is when a guy obviously can’t spend a whole day without thinking about you.

Success Motivation Quotes

What?, What does that mean?. It means this gentleman can never let a day slide by without having a thought of you which could lead him to start calling you or texting you just to know how you are doing or how your day is going. These are signs that shows that this guy has fallen for you YAKATA.

At their private times you will see them deep in thought, wondering, imagining and smiling, all because of LOVE. Isn’t that crazy, yeah that’s how crazy LOVE can be.

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3: He Will Always Want To Be A Help To You:

When a guy fall in love with a lady, he will always want to help her out in some of the things she may be finding it difficult to do. Apart from this being one of the “6 Signs He Completely Fallen For You”, it’s also a special way of wooing a lady and gaining trust and love from her.

My Heart Belongs To You Quotes

This is where some guys will even abandon their own chores and start helping the lady just because he is newly in love. Isn’t that crazy?, Lol that’s how crazy LOVE can be.

4: He Will Keep You As His Utmost Priority:

When a guy fall YAKATA for you, he will keep you as one of the utmost priority in his life, if not the first among the list.

Though so many times, report has it that some guys tends to drop from some of these signs as their love continues. But initially when love keep knocking, he will definitely place you among his utmost priority.

Craving Your Touch Quotes

This is the point in love where you see some guys failing to go to some important appointment just because they have some dinner date with their crush, damn.

5: He Pays Attention To Your Needs:

One of the “6 Signs He Completely Fallen For You” is when a guy start paying so much attention to your needs and will always ask you from time to time if you have a anything in need so he can be of support, be it emotional support, work support or even financial support as some don’t mind, for the sake of love.

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6: He Says “I Love You”:

When a guy is in love with you and you fail to get the signs in time, one of the obvious means he will reveal it to you is by just telling you that he loves you.

6 Signs He Completely Fallen For You

Well, I don’t think this is even hard for most guys these days, with just a short period of time, you can even get as many of “I love you” as possible. So incase you don’t know, hang onz they will definitely tell you.


6 Signs He Completely Fallen For You

There are actually different signs you can expect when a guy fall for you, but then the above are just 6 among all.

Thanks for your time at BRIGHTWORLD.

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