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Hot Teenage Boys And Lifestyle



Hot teenage boys
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Hot teenage boys can be seen as teenagers who are still facing some effects of adolescent stages in their lives irrespective of how old they may be. This is one of the development seen on tender age, in people who are quite growing up and would definitely wants to tests what they may have not tested before, or do things entirely different from what they have been doing.

As we may know, adolescent stage is one of the difficult stage in anyone’s life as it can be seen as the stage that influences people more on the negative side.

Here on the box, some growing boys will probably be admiring to look cute, look attractive and very hot to others. This is where boyfriends and girlfriends sets in.


Hot teenage boys


As stated, this is one of the hard trying times in everyone’s life which has the ability to place one in a negative side of life or in the positive side, but the effect of this stage can be seen with a greater percentage of negativity in people’s lives than positive.

However, this can be probably seen as periods that shapes one and places one in any direction of life and any lifestyle to take in.

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Just as seen on the female gender who will see their self growing and having some development on and around their body, same goes to the male gender as they won’t be exempted from it’s effect and influence from their peer friends.

HOT TEENAGE BOYS – Characteristics

There are quite numbers of things that shows this lifestyle and character in the lives of teenage boys and some of them are as follows.

1: Change In Dressing Mode:

As a teenage boy trying to look very handsome and hot at the same time, trying out some wears he haven’t been used to will probably be on his mind.

This may not fully go well with him initially considering some factors like his family, parents and how everyone will react on his new mode of dressing, but peers groups and friends are always there to help out in the convincing. This is probably why parents are always advised to know the kinds of friends their kids are keeping outside.

Here the boys who may have gotten some specific knowledge on how to impress and catch other fishes in the river (opposite gender) will be eager to try things out and see how it’s been done.

Changing fashion and mode of dressing to fit in with others attire can be a way of getting hot to be able to catch more fishes as expecting.

Hot teenage boys

2: Smoking And Clubbing:

To some, trying out a stick of cigarette and attending some clubbing house can be a new inspiration, idea and new thing to try out.

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This will probably be an entirely new to the young man growing, but then the spirit of teenage and adolescent can be seen extraordinarily.

3: Going After The Opposite Gender (Girls):

As an adolescent teenager trying to ripe and mature, one of the common Characteristics that will likely be noticed in their lives is the urge of wanting to be with their opposite gender.

Yes, this is actually where the act of boyfriend and girlfriend comes in as the teenage boy isn’t just looking hot in vain or for fashion sake, going after the female ones in their class can be part of it also.


Hot teenage boys

Looking hot isn’t bad in anyway as it still stands as a way of looking good and attractive too, but while looking hot also look good and smart.

While looking hot also dress normal and responsible as a young man growing up, do not be influence negatively into living a weird lifestyle in the name of looking hot, just watch your space.



Not Everyone Is Meant To Stay In Your Life – Live Wisely



Not everyone is meant to stay in your life
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The above phrase is actually reminding us that as we hustle to make friends around us, is definitely not everyone is meant to stay in our life. Many of us seeks for friendship, many seeks to mingle with others probably in the name of RELATIONSHIP or in the name of FRIENDSHIP, but as we are all hustle to get this company from friends, it is also important to know that not everyone we meet are meant to remain in our life.

There are actually different kinds of people in our lives, there are friends, visitors, partners, strangers and also there are enemies. This is why it’s very important to know that despite the number of friends we may have around us, not everyone is meant to stay in your life.

Not everyone is meant to stay in your life

Not Everyone Is Meant To Stay In Your Life – Live Wisely

It’s quite unfortunate that sometimes, some people who you sees as friends may just be something else to you without your knowledge, some of your so called friends are just the real enemies you see, but forming to be your friend.

It is very important to always know the kind of friends you keep around, some people are just visitors and strangers in your life and as such, should be seen and treated as such.

However, in some cases, not keeping people around you or in your life doesn’t really mean their are your enemies, or not allowing people stay in your life doesn’t really make them your enemies or mean they are bad, but sometimes overcrowding your life with too much irrelevant people can cause harm to you.

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It can cause harm to you in the essence of not having the rightful people around you who can help you grow in your both physical and spiritual life, which is one of the characteristics of FRIENDS, and who can help you towards achieving your aim and vision.


Do not be the type that have thousands of friends who may just worth nothing to you, some people are quite ready to associate with people to get what they want or need, so you must be very careful in people you mingle with.

Not Everyone Is Meant To Stay In Your Life – Build Circle

Build Circle of friends in your life who can assist you in any area of life. Circle of friends who will know and understand who you are, and help you towards your ambition and who can really contribute something tangible in your life, and not crowd of people who can’t remember you when you are down.

Not everyone is meant to stay in your life

This is definitely why you should try and LIVE WISELY, LIVE PRIVATE, BUILD CIRCLE OF FRIENDS and understand that not everyone is meant to stay in your life, some are just visitors and strangers. LIVE WISELY

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Robin Gilmore: How To Be A Good Partner



Robin Gilmore
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Robin Gilmore as a guy on my side has always wanted to solve some challenges facing or befalling those in state of RELATIONSHIP, as the situations and qualms happening around the world of partners into RELATIONSHIP has given a lot of people wrong perspective into believing that such union can never be built in a solid ground, thereby making people into the union sees each other as fake or gamers, and also giving other aspiring ones reason never to go ahead with their relationship dream.

However, as a means to solve some of this challenges and make Relationship to be seen as the stepping stone to good MARRIAGE, he tries to analyze the current reasons why people are becoming more afraid of investing or going into a relationship with anyone.

And below is some of his thoughts.

Robin Gilmore: Challenges Facing RELATIONSHIP

Actually, the problem facing Relationship in our world today is people’s inability to read, watch and understand what RELATIONSHIP is all about.

Many people who think they are up to the age of being in a relationship quickly rush in without having plans or making a proper plan for their relationship affairs or goals.

This seems to be part of the reasons the union keep crashing everyday, because people fails to identify their plans and objective before involving in any.

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Secondly, social life has taken over everything people have built for with years, people now want to live as others are living which is why break up and even divorce keep rocking high every day.

But however, with below method you can get that perfect RELATIONSHIP you want and build it to your taste, even though no Relationship is perfect.

Robin Gilmore: How To Be A Good Partner

It is hundred percent possible to be a good partner as long as it doesn’t mean being a perfect partner. No one is really perfect in life not even in a relationship, so being perfect in a relationship is probably impossible, but being good or being a good partner is quite possible.

Here’s how.

* Study More About Relationship:

Don’t just jump into a relationship without reading or watch one or two books or videos relating to relationships and partner building, this will help you in finding out the “Rights” and the “wrongs” in Relationships.

It will help you grow more mentally and stay more mature to be able to handle any issue that will come up in your Relationship.

* Avoid Game Playing:

Always know the goal, purpose and objective of your Relationship, where it started and where it is heading to.

Avoid making plans that tends to cheat on your partner, the main goal of everyone in Relationship is to know each other and get marry in future, and never for any other thing.

So having any plans aside this shouldn’t be encouraged in order to stay as a good partner and enjoy your Relationship.


* Avoid Listening To Others Always:

Always read, watch and also observe from people, but do not listen to anyone all time.

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This entails about living the way you want and handling your Relationship issues maturely, instead of listening to any advise from anyone.

Pay attention to advise given to you by people including your friends, think deeper about them before carrying anyone out.

* Stop Seeking For A Perfectionis:

Robin Gilmore by my side would always say, “perfection is found in heaven, and not on Earth”, though I don’t know if perfection is truly found in heaven, but I agree with him on the part that says perfection can’t be found on Earth.

One of the uncomm way of being a good partner is by stopping to seek for perfection and by stopping to act perfect.

Stop seeking for perfection from your partner, because your partner is not, this will increase your partner’s love for you for not expecting some special qualities from him or her.

Robin Gilmore

Bright Tobias

Robin Gilmore: Conclusion

Building a RELATIONSHIP takes a lot from one, study and listen to those that has taken some of these battle to the end, and learn how they did it, then applied it, they may work for you also, Who knows.

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I’ll Come Back Sweetheart I Promise – Message For Lover



I'll Come Back Sweetheart I Promise
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I guess the above statement or word can be familiar with a lot of us as some of us don’t just hear the word or make the statement, we say it by ourselves.

I will come back sweetheart I promise” has been the regular promise some people often use in their relationship, in making vows to their partner to be right back after their ongoing journey.

This mainly comes when you have such kind of partner who would always want to be with you you wherever you are or goes to, that partner who wouldn’t love to see you spend a day and night out without being by your side, whether male of female, the message always comes when such case is about to happen.

It’s quite a promise and vow to your partner asking him or her to stay strong for you as you will be right back after the journey, business or anything that demands your absence from home or from your partner.


As always known and seems to be part of life, making a promise is quite easily and faster, but then sticking to the result of the promise made is much harder.

In other words, it’s very easy to place a promise and never easy to fulfill it. So what happened after making the vow and promise to your partner?, Do you still stick to it or did you disappoint?.

It’s a private question meant for you alone, are you making the promise to return for your partner for real, or are you faking it.

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A lot of people who promise to return never seems to do so, some hang on their ways, and return late, some stay weeks and never return, while some starting up another from there.

I'll Come Back Sweetheart I Promise


As stated, making a promise is very easy and fast, but then seating to the end of the promise is quite hard, so promise what you can fulfill to avoid disappointing your partner. THANKS

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