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5 Reasons For Failed Marriages



Reasons for Marriage fail
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Why Do We Always Have Fail Marriages Everywhere?

This has always been some people’s question as regarding to the fact that Marriage in our modern world today barely last as DIVORCE has been a better option amidst of marital qualms and situations. But the question still remain, why do those fail Marriages happen?, Like why doesn’t our modern days Marriage succeed or grows just like that of our father, forefathers and mothers?.

Couples who get married few weeks ago, are rightly in talk of signing divorce papers, why?. That’s even where such papers is required to be signed as most people understands the fear of court Marriage, so they avoid it. But why is divorce now rampant in our society?, Does it mean we aren’t matured enough to be in a marriage or does it mean we aren’t destined to get married to our partner, or what else?.

However, in talk of the cause that leads to the fail Marriages happening around us which is now sarcastically known as “NATIONAL CAKE“, I think there are many things that contributes to it, which as follows.


1: Little Or Improper Relationship Practice Or Involvement Before Hitting Marriage:

This is definitely where the absence of RELATIONSHIP shows it’s effect in your marriage.

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Most of us just overlook the importance of RELATIONSHIP before getting married which is likely to affect our marriage negatively.

Relationship is just like an early class of marriage, and when you fail to take the class, you might get it wrong in your Marriage. It’s Importance can never be overlooked or over emphasized in the aspect of building and growing our homes

Most of us just believe that Relationship is scam or scum as people say, but after neglecting this in our lives, when we finally settle down, we are likely to reverse our word. Then we are likely to see it’s importance in a clear understandable form.

Aside the case of no practice of relationship at all, you can also have a clash in your marriage despite being in a relationship before getting married. But this is where IMPROPER PRACTICE OF RELATIONSHIP comes in. You can go through it.

So little or improper practice of Relationship can be a big cause of fail Marriages in the society, all you just need to do in situations like this is to be different from the crowd.

2: Having Self Aim Or Negative Intention:

Some of these failed Marriages and divorces happening everywhere are just full of couples or partners who doesn’t involve themselves in such Marriage with a clean intention or positive aim. Some of the partners just have some self aim he or she want in that Marriage, and after this may have been achieved, misbehavior and regular problems can be the best way of showing interest in divorce.

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In fact, some can just wake up in the morning and decide to cult of the Marriage without a single sign, this makes Marriage more scary to be in, in turn demoralizing some young aspiring partners.

So having a self aim or negative Intention contributes a lot towards fail Marriages in our world today. Before involving or engaging your self in such union, you just need to understand that Marriage is an everlasting union between you and your partner, so plan for it and have a positive aim and Intention for you and your partner. This will help you achieve this very task of making your Marriage successful and peaceful.

3: Influence Of Friends:

Most of us are too gullible to understand that what works for one, might not work for another. And again we are too gullible to understand that some opinion of friends shouldn’t be allowed in your life or Marriage.

Some of us get influenced in one way or the other, but in case of being influenced negatively towards our marital homes, we shouldn’t give the devil a single chance.

And mind you, always know the kind of friends you keep and people who gives you advise regarding your wife, husband or Marriage in general, some friends are just wolves in disguise. Because their so called “Friendly Advise” can hit your Marriage down. Just be wise and smart in handling issues and affairs of your home.

4: Families And Background Can Cause The Failure Of Your Marriage:

At times we don’t know our family, background and even our own parents can be the cause of our down fall in marriage.

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To my best of understanding, MARRIAGE IS A UNION OF A MAN AND A WOMAN, and not a union of one family and another family. Your family, background and parents totally have no interference in your marriage especially in decision making.

They just play a lighter role towards helping you build your Marriage successfully. Any advise from them which doesn’t aim towards the growth of your Marriage should be disregarded and shouldn’t be tolerated because it is your responsibility and your Marriage, not theirs.

You should be much careful in taking some advise from your mother, father, family and siblings as some advise from them can hinder you from enjoying the beautiful bed of Marriage.

5: Cheating Your Spouse:

This is quite common in our society, isn’t it?, Sure it is. Lol.

This is a situation where one of the partners find a sugar cane outside the house and tries to chew it, meanwhile a honey pot is in the house to lick, aren’t they both sweet?

Cheating has become a viral situation in the society as a result of not being contented with what people have, and this goes a long way to devalue the moral of marriage causing it’s failure in the world.

Reasons Marriages fail



A lot of fail Marriages happening everywhere can be determined as a result of the societal values and ideas placed on us, but remember you have the power to project your life and your Marriage the way you want, just be different and always involve God in your marriage, the journey is quite tough tho, but with God in your side, it can be made easier and simple in your marriage.

Thanks for reading.



True Love Is When He Ignores You



True Love Is When He Ignores You
Photo By Bright Tobias
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True Love Is When He Ignores You

Whether you concur on the above subject that says true love is when he ignores you or not, I rightly hope you are here to gain one or two knowledge and probably learn the reason why true love is when he ignores you, instead of the other way round.

To some of us (if not most), true love is when he ignores you is something to argue for till all day long, because instead of seeing it as a red flag in a RELATIONSHIP or MARRIAGE, we are embracing it.

But hold on, do you actually mean if your man start ignoring you, then it simply mean he seriously love and respect you as his girlfriend?, Is that really what it is all about?. Lol, that sound complicated and at the same time funny.

True Love Is When He Ignores You

This instance or scenarios can even be hard to concur by many ladies who can be quick to react or judge their partner without proper examination tho.

Well, when you hear true love is when he ignores you, this isn’t actually pointing at the side you are thinking of, or the kind of “ignore” your mind may be giving you, this is why Bright Tobias has taken some time to explain it. So relax and sip this knowledge like Martel, BRIGHTWORLD is coming through for you.

True Love Is When He Ignores You

True Love Is When He Ignores You

While being ignored by your man may sound bad and a sign of red flag from him, it is very important to note the circumstances and situations surrounding the “ignore” before jumping into conclusion.

In a very beautiful and loving relationship going on, it can be weird and abnormal for a guy to suddenly start ignoring his girl for no reason. So it is so Important to make sure you do a proper findings and checks before concluding or choosing your next fate.

However, we will be discussing some of the various issues and circumstances that may prompt a guy to start ignoring his girlfriend. This issues or circumstances are the words behind the “ignore” or “ignoring” from the guy, and they should be properly noted out in order to solve them amicably without rushing to conclusion or rushing to actions.

But this doesn’t only involve those in a RELATIONSHIP alone, but LIFE generally.

True Love Is When He Ignores You – Circumstances And Reasons Behind Their Actions

Being Ignored By Your Boyfriend

True Love Is When He Ignores You

Sometimes, when your boyfriend start ignoring you and doesn’t feel like giving you the attention you seek, it doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t love or respect you anyone neither does it show a sign of red flag from him, but it could simply mean that there’s an issue at hand which he is devising a means to solve without getting you bothered over it. Below are some reasons your man may choose to ignore you even when you try calling or speaking with him.

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1: He Just Want To Left Alone:

Whether you have been with a guy for months, years or whatever, there are times he may feel like needing a personal space or feeling like being alone to sort some of his utmost lifestyle issues which may not have anything to do with you. They may not feel like sharing some of this problems or burden with you, instead they will seek to be left alone.

True Love Is When He Ignores You

While being alone, you may just bump into his space without knowing what’s already happening over there in his mind, and this can make him start ignoring you because he may feel is not the right time to speak with you or share with you. But that doesn’t mean he no longer love or respect you, this is why it is said that true love is when he ignores you.

2: He Is Thinking About The Way Forward In The Relationship:

The aim purpose of getting into a good and genuine relationship is to bond together, create memories together, learn more about each other and at the end get married together and live happily afterwards. Any objectives or aims aside this isn’t embraced.

True Love Is When He Ignores You

However, the reason why your man may start ignoring you sometimes may just be that he is thinking about the way forward in the relationship. This includes what to do to make the relationship stay and last forever, how to bring happiness in the relationship and probably when to get married to the lover of his life. All these are just an advantage to the lady and this is where “true love is when he ignores you” comes in.

Though it is okay to feel certain way when being ignored by your man as a human being, but then give him time to chear up, or better still, make him confide in you.

True Love Is When He Ignores You

3: He Is Thinking About His Financial Life:

While RELATIONSHIP may seems good and sweet, especially the genuine ones, i bet it’s not sweeter than money. In fact, anything that is sweeter than money in life is probably “more money“, lol.

In fact, one of the popular singer from Nigeria Africa called “Davido” once said in his music, “Love is sweet, but when money enter love is sweeter“, he probably said this while bonding with his fiance, Chioma. And today they are married together, but that’s by the way.

True Love Is When He Ignores You

So it could just be that your boyfriend is thinking about his financial life, how to make money, make more money and take good care of you. isn’t that enough to show how much he love and cherish you?, That’s possibly where “true love is when he ignores you” comes in.

So before seeing it as a red flag from him or bad side of him, also have in mind that this could be the things bothering him but he decide to battle it alone without sharing with you.

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True Love Is When He Ignores You

4: You Provoke/Annoy Him:

Actually, men react differently during anger and this is one of the reasons you should always pay focus in studying your man too well to know how he react during anger or when being provoked.

To some guys, they may start vibrating and ranting to their girls when they got annoyed or provoked by their girls. To some, they may just start beating their girlfriend which isn’t proper and show lack of respect for their woman. While to some, they may decide to ignore you and maybe leave the house or your presence for as long as possible, to get back to their right sense and fall back into the right mood.

True Love Is When He Ignores You

However, when the latter becomes an instance, it is obviously the best way to handle an anger issue and as such, the guy should be left out for sometimes or an immediate apology be rendered if necessary. But have it in mind that it may not work immediately or as easy as you may think, as the guy may start ignoring and avoiding you for a while. Including not picking up your calls, replying your text messages or meeting you anymore, just to cool of some tension and pressure. But that shouldn’t be long tho to avoid inviting satan over to your relationship, lol.

5: He Doesn’t Want You Anymore:

This is obviously where the statement “when the going in the relationship get tougher, break up becomes necessary” comes in. At this point, the guy is fed up and may not have the courage or right tune to tell you he doesn’t want you anymore, and that will make him start acting silly towards you.

True Love Is When He Ignores You

When you give him a call, he will ignore and never pick, you try seeing him, he will tell you he doesn’t have time or chance to meet with you or he’s too busy to see you. All these is just a sign to tell you he’s no longer interested in the Relationship, and as such you should move on.

But note, before accepting your fate and moving on, give your best to get it back by devising all possible means like trying to know his reason(s) for the break up and seek for a way to resolve things. But if much efforts yields no fruit, then cut some slack and move on. LIFE is really simple and short to start dwelling on negativity. Just accept your fate and move on, life isn’t hard tho.

True Love Is When He Ignores You

In conclusion, these and more can be noted as the reasons your boyfriend may choose to ignore you sometimes, but don’t always be bothered over the negativity by solely depending on the fifth list, sometimes it may be something else bothering him.

Being Ignored By Your Male Friend

While your boyfriend wanting to be alone, thinking about his financial life, how to take good care of you more and others could be the possible reasons why he may chose to ignore you at times, the circumstances and situations differs from when being ignored by your male friends. But firstly, who is the male friend in question here different from your boyfriend?.

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Well, the male friend in question here could be your male colleague at work, guys at your street, neighbours or guys you closely interact with.

True Love Is When He Ignores You” states that sometimes when trying to keep a communication with these folks but got ignored, it could possibly mean they are having a hidden agenda for you.

True Love Is When He Ignores You

Hidden agenda different from a hidden agenda, not a harmful one tho. It could be they are admiring you or want something serious with you which may be or may not be RELATIONSHIP TALK.

However, it is very important to pay attention to the Signs they are communicating with to find out if it’s truly LOVE ISSUE or something else.

Furthermore, there are other reasons a friend may chose to ignore you, below are few among the list.

1: He Doesn’t Want To Speak With You Again:

At this spot, everything is becoming boring and coming to an end, the urge to continue to keep a cool or steady communication with you again may no longer be there and instead of informing you and explaining the reasons behind that, he may start ignoring you totally.

True Love Is When He Ignores You

So while love issue can be a reason some guys may decide to ignore you at first or a period of time, some are just fed up of speaking with you.

2: He Is Avoiding Billing From You:

LOL, I had to laugh out loud on this because I understand the scenarios involved in this kind of situation. I fully understand how it can be to see someone who always beg you for money or anything else coming your way or calling on the phone. The scenario is a funny one, totally funny.

True Love Is When He Ignores You

At times, the intention of calling someone determines the outcome of it. Most times guys who run away from billing or spending of money tends to dodge or ignore some certain people’s call not because they doesn’t want to talk to them or see them, but because they doesn’t have anything to spend.

So before jumping into a particular conclusion of why a guy isn’t picking up your calls, ignoring you or doesn’t want to see you, make sure such guy doesn’t see you as one who always make him spend than anything else.

True Love Is When He Ignores You

No matter how rich and extravagant spender a guy can be, no matter how wasteful a guy can be towards money, he will always identify those that make him spend more and those that make him spend less. At times goes he may decide to cut off with those that make him spend more and extravagantly and start keeping those that make him spend less. That’s the mindset of the wealthy tho.

Boys run for billing, so make sure your call or present isn’t to bill him, if not he may decide to ignore you or hide from you till thy kingdom come.

True Love Is When He Ignores You – Conclusion

True Love Is When He Ignores You

The above are circumstances and reasons why you can be ignored by a guy, be it your man (boyfriend), your male friends and sometimes your husband as well. But just note there are more likely reasons they may choose to ignore you, always pay attention to the signs and seek for advice from closer people if necessary.

However, the above article is composed and written by BRIGHT TOBIAS. Thanks for your time at BRIGHTWORLD.

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Smile Dating Test Ideas



Smile Dating Test Ideas
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Smile Dating Test Ideas

Its definitely not a mistake or coincident that you arrived at “smile Dating Test Ideas” article because you search for it, but because you are here to read about some fun games you can play with hubby and your partner to probably know their views and their say in some aspects and areas of RELATIONSHIP and as well as MARRIAGE.

So if the above subject is what triggered you to be here, welcome and have a relax mind as I deliver to you some of the beautiful and fun smile dating test ideas you can try out in your RELATIONSHIP or your household.

Smile Dating Test Ideas

Smile Dating Test Ideas

Well, one may ask, what is a smile dating test?, How does it work and what is it’s benefits and effect in a RELATIONSHIP. Well as I said before, you are highly welcome, you are at the right place at BRIGHTWORLD, just relax and read on.

Firstly, smile dating test is a fun activities used in either a relationship, friendship or marriage to catch the perspective of your partner towards some serious issues and objectives mainly surrounding LOVE, DATING, RELATIONSHIP and MARRIAGE.

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This is a form of game activities played among lovers or those dating each other, in order to know what one think of something and their views towards it.

Smile Dating Test Ideas

This smile dating test has so far given people who are either dating each other or in a RELATIONSHIP a clear vision and understanding of whom their partner is, and end up deciding whether they can continue with such date, relationship, marriage or to quite, depending on the answers shared which may not sit well with each other’s preferences or specifications.

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However, this at times does not equate the amount of love one may have for another, or describe an upto fifty percent of one’s identity, as there are still people who just play it for fun while keeping emotions aside.

That is to say, out of fun, many people plays smile dating test games. And as hilarious as some of the activities can be to some, their real identity may not really be shared, as some can just be quoting whichever side they feel like just to keep it entertaining and more fun, as some always call it. And this, shouldn’t be taken seriously by the parties involved after the GAME PLAYING, as it is initially tagged “FUN” unless otherwise.

Furthermore, in the case of where seriousness is exhibited while playing the smile dating test game with the aim of knowing each other’s perspective of some serious and sensitive issues concerning their RELATIONSHIP, MARRIAGE or whatever they both have in common, more and deeply findings can still be carried out by anyone who doesn’t feel happy over the results of their partner.

This is because, even while being serious with the smile dating test activities, there’s still a chance of anyone not be true to the game, their result sheet may be different from their physical life sheet, so it is left for you to carry out a deeper investigation before judging anyone based on the result they provided.

Smile Dating Test

Smile Dating Test Ideas

Now, having known what smile dating test is and where it can be involved in, let us now look at some of the ideas of this smile dating test games and fun activities which one can be playing with their partner just to get to know their stand, perspective and views towards some issues of DATING, RELATIONSHIP and MARRIAGE.

Smile Dating Test Ideas

Below are some of the smile dating test ideas you can download to your relationship and thank me later.

Composed and written by BRIGHT TOBIAS.

1: When Is The Best Age To Get Into A Serious Relationship:

While DATING each other which is obviously different from being in a RELATIONSHIP, its an ideal to actually know what your partner think towards getting into a serious RELATIONSHIP and the age specified.


With this info, one can be able to track when the love can said to be growing deeper and when it’s still an early bird.

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However, some answers can be suggested to make the game more fun and enticing. Below are some suggested answers.

A: 18-23

B: 20-25

C: 25-30

D: 30-35


Note: If the above suggested answers doesn’t suit your own answer, they can be adjusted under section (E) and you will specify the particular year range you think getting committed in a RELATIONSHIP is the best.

Smile Dating Test Ideas

This smile dating test helps you to know whether your partner is committed to you or whether he or she is still living under pretence. This can be easily traced by accessing their real age and the age they specified for being serious in a relationship. As simple as that, isn’t it?.

But also remember that the game doesn’t prove hundred percent of people’s identity. Some can be hidden under the umbrella of “fun” and “cruise”. So play responsibly.

2: When Is The Best Age To Start Having S*X:

While dating each other which can at times referred as being in a RELATIONSHIP with someone, which isn’t, it can be tempting and important to know their views and opinions regarding the above question.

Smile Dating Test Ideas

This is because, many people in our society has different priority and objectives in life, even when entering into a relationship or dating each other. So it isn’t bad to know the time and age frame your partner has in mind about when you both can start knacking (Nigerian word for S*X).

Well, below are some suggested answers you both can check separately.

A: 18Yrs And Above

B: 20Yrs And Above

C: 25Yrs And Above

D: Until Marriage


However, remember what is being written in a book can be deceptive at times and different from the reality. He or she can choose section (D), only to get into the mood and start it right there, LOL.

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Note: you can still adjust the age to your choice and you can even go lower than 18yrs because many teens does that, but then Bright Tobias won’t publicly endorse that.

3: At What Age Do You Intend To Get Married:

With smile dating test games, you may want to know at what age will your partner be needing to say “will you marry me” or “yes I will marry you”, then this is the strike.

A: From 22 Yrs To 25Yrs I’m Married

B: From 25Yrs To 30Yrs I’m Married

C: From 30Yrs To 35Yrs I’m Married

D: Anytime We Both Are Ready


The above are four suggested period of time one may want to get married, with a privilege of specifying a different age range.

Smile Dating Test Ideas

4: How Many Kids:

Lol, this is a bit trickish question, and the answer can even be overlooked as no one even knows. But then anything can be quoted, it is left for future to decide on that.

But however, some people still have some numbers of kids they will be having. Below are some suggestions tho.

A: Just 1

B: 2

C: 3

D: Not More Than 6


Some can need as many kids as up to ten, while some (1) is okay for them. So while fertility problems can be the cause of some people’s choice of the number of kids they want, some are just strong and economical decisions.

Smile Dating Test Ideas – Conclusion

Smile Dating Test Ideas

The above suggested ideas and some of the interesting smile dating test you can put out with your partner and have the best fun of it.

Smile Dating Test actually started many months back on twitter in which many people engaged on the activities, and since then it has become an interesting activities for those DATING, RELATIONSHIP and some married people who also wishes to partake in it.

Well, there are more smile dating test ideas and the above are just few. You can as well create yours and try it out with your partner or those you are dating and see how it goes.


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Its My First Time Getting Married – Karlotta Nila



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Its My First Time Getting Married.

Its My First Time Getting Married

This isn’t strange for me, why?, Because I have heard so many people talk about their experiences on their wedding night, the entire preparation of their wedding and how they felt during the celebration. I thought I have become emotionally strong after lot’s of these experiences shared by many couples. I thought mine will be different since I have known what it feels like on that day. But my heart seriously fail me. But why?, I don’t even know, maybe it’s because its My First Time Getting Married.

This is my beautiful story of its My First Time Getting Married experience.

Its My First Time Getting Married

Its My First Time Getting Married

It’s a bright new day in my LIFE, a happy day and my day for that matter.

I probably waked up from the right side of the bed. Feeling soundy, healthy and joyful at the same time. But why?, Because its My First Time Getting Married and I can’t wait to have a taste of the experience.

Its My First Time Getting Married

All set and both at the reception and at church. But first, everything seems like a movie to me. I pitched my self several times to make sure I’m not really dreaming, that I’m experiencing a reality. Me Karlotta?, Getting married?, To my dream man?, Wow. I smile and continue my joyful song.

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Its My First Time Getting Married

Its My First Time Getting Married

My Asoebi’s are fully ready and well prepared. I got dressed up and was escorted to the beautiful range rover sport that was recently acquired by my man for my big day. It was as if I’m still dreaming, but I’m not.

I raised a small glass of mirror given to me by my girls to look at my self in the mirror and shouted, “wow“, its My First Time Getting Married” and I really can’t wait. “Karlotta let’s do this“, I said to myself.

Its My First Time Getting Married

Its My First Time Getting Married

All eyes on me as I was stepping down the ranger rover sport at the church. The atmosphere suddenly changed at the sound of my presence. It was like a magic to me, I couldn’t believe the crowd curiously looking at the car door to see who’s stepping down.

I stepped down, walked majestically to the church and everything took off. Of course, we had a “you may kiss your bride” section and it was…. Let me not go there.

Its My First Time Getting Married

After the church stage, it was now getting to noon and everyone seems to be waiting at the reception hall. OMG, I can’t wait for the big occasion.

As I stepped out from the church, everyone especially my friends and families who accompanied me to church were all cheering me up, karlotta, karlotta, karlotta. Oh damn.

Its My First Time Getting Married

The joy and smile in everyone’s faces gave me a separate goose hump, I felt like the happiest person on earth. Why?, Because Its My First Time Getting Married. We all entered into the car and drove off to the main event arena.

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Its My First Time Getting Married – Reception

Its My First Time Getting Married

It was me, shaking and dropping tears of joy at our arrival in the reception hall. The crowd was hooooge. I mean so much hoooooooge, the “o’s” can explain how huge the crowd was in the reception hall. Its My First Time Getting Married,what do you expect?, Lol.

So we all came down, did all the rite always performed at the wedding reception hall, cut cake, eat, drink and dance till all our energy got exhausted. I don’t regret anything because its My day, after all I will be having enough time to rest with my hubby.

Its My First Time Getting Married

It’s getting late, I took the mic and briefly thank everyone that came to support me and make my big day a memorable one, including my family and friends, and many gifts were presented to me also. I took them and thank everyone.

Its My First Time Getting Married

Its down and we had to get going, we jumped into our range rover and drove off to home. At around 10pm after a bath refreshment, with white towel tied around my chest and me sitting in our matrimonial bed waiting for hubby to finish up so we can have the remaining fun meant for couples.

Its My First Time Getting Married

I was so curious to see him and taste it for the first time, why was I even curious?, Because Its My First Time Getting Married.

Fictional story by Bright Tobias.

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