Reasons for Marriage fail

Why Do We Always Have Fail Marriages Everywhere?

This has always been some people’s question as regarding to the fact that Marriage in our modern world today barely last as DIVORCE has been a better option amidst of marital qualms and situations. But the question still remain, why do those fail Marriages happen?, Like why doesn’t our modern days Marriage succeed or grows just like that of our father, forefathers and mothers?.

Couples who get married few weeks ago, are rightly in talk of signing divorce papers, why?. That’s even where such papers is required to be signed as most people understands the fear of court Marriage, so they avoid it. But why is divorce now rampant in our society?, Does it mean we aren’t matured enough to be in a marriage or does it mean we aren’t destined to get married to our partner, or what else?.

However, in talk of the cause that leads to the fail Marriages happening around us which is now sarcastically known as “NATIONAL CAKE“, I think there are many things that contributes to it, which as follows.


1: Little Or Improper Relationship Practice Or Involvement Before Hitting Marriage:

This is definitely where the absence of RELATIONSHIP shows it’s effect in your marriage.

Most of us just overlook the importance of RELATIONSHIP before getting married which is likely to affect our marriage negatively.

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Relationship is just like an early class of marriage, and when you fail to take the class, you might get it wrong in your Marriage. It’s Importance can never be overlooked or over emphasized in the aspect of building and growing our homes

Most of us just believe that Relationship is scam or scum as people say, but after neglecting this in our lives, when we finally settle down, we are likely to reverse our word. Then we are likely to see it’s importance in a clear understandable form.

Aside the case of no practice of relationship at all, you can also have a clash in your marriage despite being in a relationship before getting married. But this is where IMPROPER PRACTICE OF RELATIONSHIP comes in. You can go through it.

So little or improper practice of Relationship can be a big cause of fail Marriages in the society, all you just need to do in situations like this is to be different from the crowd.

2: Having Self Aim Or Negative Intention:

Some of these failed Marriages and divorces happening everywhere are just full of couples or partners who doesn’t involve themselves in such Marriage with a clean intention or positive aim. Some of the partners just have some self aim he or she want in that Marriage, and after this may have been achieved, misbehavior and regular problems can be the best way of showing interest in divorce.

In fact, some can just wake up in the morning and decide to cult of the Marriage without a single sign, this makes Marriage more scary to be in, in turn demoralizing some young aspiring partners.

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So having a self aim or negative Intention contributes a lot towards fail Marriages in our world today. Before involving or engaging your self in such union, you just need to understand that Marriage is an everlasting union between you and your partner, so plan for it and have a positive aim and Intention for you and your partner. This will help you achieve this very task of making your Marriage successful and peaceful.

3: Influence Of Friends:

Most of us are too gullible to understand that what works for one, might not work for another. And again we are too gullible to understand that some opinion of friends shouldn’t be allowed in your life or Marriage.

Some of us get influenced in one way or the other, but in case of being influenced negatively towards our marital homes, we shouldn’t give the devil a single chance.

And mind you, always know the kind of friends you keep and people who gives you advise regarding your wife, husband or Marriage in general, some friends are just wolves in disguise. Because their so called “Friendly Advise” can hit your Marriage down. Just be wise and smart in handling issues and affairs of your home.

4: Families And Background Can Cause The Failure Of Your Marriage:

At times we don’t know our family, background and even our own parents can be the cause of our down fall in marriage.

To my best of understanding, MARRIAGE IS A UNION OF A MAN AND A WOMAN, and not a union of one family and another family. Your family, background and parents totally have no interference in your marriage especially in decision making.

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They just play a lighter role towards helping you build your Marriage successfully. Any advise from them which doesn’t aim towards the growth of your Marriage should be disregarded and shouldn’t be tolerated because it is your responsibility and your Marriage, not theirs.

You should be much careful in taking some advise from your mother, father, family and siblings as some advise from them can hinder you from enjoying the beautiful bed of Marriage.

5: Cheating Your Spouse:

This is quite common in our society, isn’t it?, Sure it is. Lol.

This is a situation where one of the partners find a sugar cane outside the house and tries to chew it, meanwhile a honey pot is in the house to lick, aren’t they both sweet?

Cheating has become a viral situation in the society as a result of not being contented with what people have, and this goes a long way to devalue the moral of marriage causing it’s failure in the world.

Reasons Marriages fail


A lot of fail Marriages happening everywhere can be determined as a result of the societal values and ideas placed on us, but remember you have the power to project your life and your Marriage the way you want, just be different and always involve God in your marriage, the journey is quite tough tho, but with God in your side, it can be made easier and simple in your marriage.

Thanks for reading.


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