Actually in every aspect of life, there are rules and regulations set by the greater people to be obeyed by everyone. This rules and regulations is actually what makes life worth living as without them, everyone will just act in lawless manner.

However, just as this rules and regulations helps in making life work living, so as some rules also helps in making marriage worth enjoying as they can serve as golden rules for keeping a healthy and peaceful marriage.

This rules helps in building, maintaining and keeping your marriage successful and peaceful and also, it helps in protecting your marriage. Below are five golden rules to keep a healthy and peaceful marriage.


1: Avoid Lettng People Know Your Marital Affairs

This is one of the greatest tips and rules that can help you sustain and build a healthy and peaceful marriage. Stop involving crowd on issues relating to your marriage, family or things about you.

In fact some friends of yours doesn’t deserve fo know everything about your marriage, that’s if not all, but you can have some good and positive friends that can be of great help to you when the need arise, because no one is truly an island.

One of the things that kills or destroy marriage easily is letting people know what goes and comes into your marriage, some things are not really necessary and you can keep them to your self.

The involvement of others in some certain issues or status of your marriage can lead into aggression which can destroy your marriage, so in order to keep a healthy and peaceful marriage, always keep your mouth shot.

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2: Avoid Taking Random Advise From Random People

Most of us pick advise from anyone we see without knowing that what work for MR A, might not work for MRs A, though some of the advise given to us in some certain issues is just an opinionated one from that person, but most of us won’t even consider the advise as an opinion from the person. We will just rush into it and at the end, we get our marriage in problem or destroyed.

And in the other hand, some people might just be seeking for a way to destroy your beautiful home, and giving you some advise on what to do in your marriage, you have probably given the devil chance to play a hide and seek with you.

Just avoid taking advise from everyone you see as some might not just be happy with how healthy and peaceful your marriage is.

For in case of seeking other people’s opinion, just take time to analyse whether such advise can help your marriage or destroy it.

3: Avoid Comparing Your Partner With Other People

Just as the case of life may be, people are quite unique and different in many ways, everyone have good and bad side, flaws is always there as no one is perfect in life.

Don’t be the type that compare your partner with other people, see your spouse as the best that happened to you and let him or her know how special he or she mean to you. By this way, the marriage will just be flowing with love keeping it strong, healthy and peaceful.

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4: Show A Great Commitment In Your Marriage

If you want to keep your marriage still healthy, peaceful and strong, then be committed to it and watch it remain unshakable.

5: Don’t Be Too Involved Over The Affairs Of Your Partner With Other People

This is where the case of “who cheat and who doesn’t cheat” comes in which has contributed a lot towards the destruction of some peaceful homes and fail marriage.

Don’t just be too involved in some certain things your partner does, remember marriage is not a cage or bondage, but it shouldn’t give anyone a privilege to cheat.

At times who cheat and who doesn’t won’t be seen or noticed by the physical outlook or by monitoring them, just stay responsible to your home, do your best and leave the rest to God, thank you.

NOTE: There are many ways one can achieve the above topic, but the list can be put into consideration as to know which one is more favorable to you, remain blessed.


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