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What Defines You Is Not About What People Think Of You, But Who You Are



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As the headline goes, what really defines who you are and your personality is not about what people think of you in the society, is not about what people say about you in the society, not about what people consider you to be or what they think you may be, rather what defines you is who you are. Your personality and what you do.

This is the act of living personal, simple and unique. Though you may not be very much unique or different from others, but living base on what you want and how you want it is your true personality.

What Defines You?

What defines you

There are a lot of things that defines people, both talents, skills and different qualities or gift which some of them comes by nature, and exploring the natural good ones to exhibit them without the fear of exaggeration is the definition of YOU.

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This has come against many people who now downgrade themselves from the initial point they keep themselves just because they pay attention to the rate given to them by the people and the society at large. Know your worth and your personality.

Rate your self base on who you are because that is the definition of YOU, that’s what defines who you are. Those qualities, skills, characters or gift you have which doesn’t seems to correspond with that of your play mates and peer group, they worth your personality.

No matter what the people say about those gift, about those character or about those personality, as long as it worth it in the sight of God, keep hold of it. No one make a decision for you, your world belong to your life, so live it base on her it pleases you.

This points towards living unique and different from your peers, leaving a separate mark in the dashboard. That’s the signs that you are living according to who you are, that’s the signs that you are truly who you are and not an imitation of another personality.

The peers, friends and the society at large have a full capability of removing YOU from you and replacing the YOU with THEM in you. The force is quite much, the pressure is always high, but then does it record any merit?, I think capital NO has the answer.

For one to act in the influence of his or her peers is a perfect example of such force and pressure. It may seems easy to say tho but very hard to be avoided, that is why you are advised to place some limit on your peers and mind the ones you keep around.

But then, you are different and exceptional from the crowd, but you are being considered as one of the crowd, or you are being regarded as “wayward” simply because they don’t understand who you are.

They tag you something different from who you are because your personality doesn’t suit to their liking, because they have no knowledge about you so they assume you are what you are not. But then what should be your reaction?. To react over what or who they think you are?, to get angry?. I’m sure you are beginning to know the best, of course you shouldn’t react.

Don’t let what people think of you disturb you, don’t give yourself some emotional punishment simply because people have different view of you other than the true view of yourself. Don’t be disturbed with people’s words and comment about you.

Ignore them and believe yourself. Yeah that is the only way to stay happy amidst of those trolling and ill words and comments about you. Don’t try convincing people to believe the right one because you can’t succeed if your intention is to make everyone love you, the impossibility of making it happen is 0 percent because no matter how you try, you can’t convince everyone in liking you or believing in you.

It’s a choice to believe in who you are or not, if they can’t, then others will. Continue to be positive and be the original copy of yourself. There shouldn’t be any schedule time in your clock to start checking who believe in you and who doesn’t.

Be positive, make yourself happy and move on regardless of what they say, enjoying your world is definitely your responsibility. Enjoy it to the fullest.

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Are You A Risk Taker? – Who Is A Risk Taker?



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Many times I have seen and heard people talk about “taking risk” in their various apartment and journey of life, but then I haven’t actually keep calm to think and understand everything that has to do with “risk taking” or why people take risk which might lead them into a different case. But just as one grows, some of the hidden facts and knowledge becomes visible and more clear to understand.

Without hesitation, let’s have a lighter definition of RISK TAKING, A RISK TAKER and what it means and takes to take risk.

RISK TAKING: Definition

In a simplest definition, Risk Taking implies doings things in very dangerous way which is likely to land you in trouble.

In another angle, taking risk means going an extra mile towards achieving your aim or goal, a mile which is disastrous, dangerous and harmful.

However, despite how dangerous this “Risk Taking” may be, it is still what determines our success in life as most of the people successful in life today are those that took the bull by the horn to walk the extra mile which saw them at their current position in life.

Since we have know what “Risk Taking” means, let’s quickly examine who a risk taker is.

A RISK TAKER: Definition

Actually, there is no much difference between “Risk Taking” and a “Risk Taker” as a risk taker is one involved in risk taking.

Yes this might be little confusing or complicated, but a Risk Taker is someone who always take risk to achieve his or her aim or to move to the next level.


We all know that nothing good in life comes so easy, that is to say that for one to achieve his or her aim towards greatness, he or she might need to take risk in one way or the other.

Mind you the “Risk Taking” involve in this article is the one that sees someone become great and achieve his or her personal goal and objective, or the one that sees one become great in life or do things in extra ordinary way.

And not just taking risk for a negative purpose, though they are still the same risk involve but I’m talking on the one that will bring positive change.

However, just as the lesson of life state that for one to be great and for one to achieve whatever he or she desires in life, he or she might consider taking risk to achieve that.

And though no matter how this may sound, it is never a child game or a simple task to do as taking risk requires a lot.

Below are few things one need to have or possess to be able to take a risk to your destination.

1: Courage:

Actually, taking of risk requires you to be courageous, stand firm and remove any form of fear in you.

To be honest, one personal lesson I have learnt is that success require you to do the unexpected for you to achieve it. This is commonly the reason why great people in life are being celebrated all the days because arriving at such position requires an extra ordinary step which people are afraid to follow.

For you to take risk in life towards arriving to your destination or towards achieving all you pray and wishes for, you have to be very courageous in your journey.

2: Determination:

Determination simply means resisting failure and working hard towards your aim irrespective of the challenges and obstacles that will be weighing you down.

Determination means resisting laziness, sleep or anything that can hinder you from arriving at the golden spot. For you to take risk, you must be determine, focus and make up your mind to do so for the betterment of your future.

3: FearLess:

You must be bold enough to know your ground and what you want. Success requires you to be bold, stand firm and avoid any form of fear of failure or anything.

No pain No gain” isn’t a new slangs, you should be use to it.


Actually, the main and only advantage of taking risk lys in “SUCCESS“and being GREAT.

This is actually where “No pain No gain” tune comes in, as for one to gain, he or she is likely to face pain in one way or the other, and most of this pains comes while taking the risk.

Actually, to my best of understanding, the journey of WEALTH, SUCCESS and GREATNESS is never an easy one. Though when we see great and wealthy people, we are likely to think that getting to such level in life or attaining such greatness can be achieved easily, or when we see wealthy people displaying their Wealth and tones of their cash, we think that those wealth came on a sudden.

But when being lead through on how they attain their position, you will give up in a start

Some of them who started from the scratch took a lot of risk before having all you see around them, though some of these risks might involve illegal things, but base on the “No pain No gain” slangs, any way is likely to be a way to achieve their goal. That can be an advantage of taking risk in life.

Are you a risk taker


This is probably where the myth comes in, as what works for one might not work for another.

There is a saying that “the journey of success or greatness is celebrated for those that succeed”, as a lot of people are likely to fell out on their journey, some will loose focus and get distracted, some will loose their lives, some will also end the journey with nothing while some will end it in a joyful situation. This is the story of success.

Actually, what works for one might not work for another. In our modern world today some call it “GRACE“.

One who take risk might end up being successful, wealthy and become great in life, while another who takes the same risk might be choked up and die, or fall into a big problem that might get him or her in prison forever.

This is the story behind every successful person or every great person on earth, some stories are told while some are not because some may decide to keep hold of their bad experience or their bad stories to themselves.

That is why some people’s stories are always open and accessible for everyone to read, while some are not. And at times we begin to wonder why they have not open up about their story.

As we know, the journey is for everyone, but greatness is definitely not for everyone but I pray we all attain this GREATNESS together, Amen.

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Important Of New Year’s Resolution – What Is Your New Year’s Resolution?



Important of new Year's resolution
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The fast movement between each year to the other defines a word that says “time wait for no one”. By this time last year we all were equally celebrating new year with a lot of good wishes to family and friends. But as it seems, within a twinkle of an hour we are already in another year, and all these months which made up the year just seems like they all skipped each other. But this is just the nature as no one can interfere how fast or slow the day or year should go.

However, as days passby drawing towards the end of the year, changes happens in different ways and different places. Some occur knowing and unknowingly. Some happen naturally while some is been invented.


Important of new Year's resolution

As they say “times wait for no one”, the year has just ended and we are in another episode of 20’s, new Year’s wishes has been flying everywhere as usual but there is a hidden question somewhere which people tends to skip when being asked.

Yeah WHAT IS YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION?, what aspect of you are we seeing changes this year?, what bad character or behavior are you dropping by in the new year?. These and more should be the question running in your mind in the new year, and not just circulating “new year’s quotes” everywhere.


As they say “one who fail to plan, automatically plan to fail”, yeah no one actually plan to fail in life, but when you refuse exploring those things that weighed you down in the previous year which slacked you back towards getting your “year ambition” in order to make some correction and changes towards the new journey (new year), actually you have plan to fail because you are likely to get same result in the new year.

New Year’s quotes and wishes are good, but new Year’s resolution are more important because they are aims or goals you set out to embark or archive with a different angle different from the previous ones which fail you.

Don’t just rant new Year’s wishes and quotes without setting out for your self for the year, make a proper resolution and stick to them. Energize your self for the new year run, as usual it will be difficult, but stick to them and see some changes before the year runs out.

Though making a new year Resolution don’t always work for people because most at times when people schedule out their time and moments to be carrying some task out, somethings are likely to hinder them from carrying those task specifically as planned.

And in some other case, people also tends to return to their normal shit behavior after few months of the year. People who probably make some plans of stopping some certain things in their lives tends to go back to it as a result of pressure or the character missing from them.

This is why at times when you try living off your character, such a new behavior in you can never last for long and you will get back to your normal character. In case like this, you make a proper resolution, pray and work hard to stick to it. Then avoid anything that can hinder you from turning back to your old way.

Important of new Year's resolution

Make a new year plan of things to do and things to stop doing, of how to increase in your academic field or your business area, of people to avoid and characters to look out for in new people you intends to have as friends.

Just as the year is fast on track moving and a lot of things are changing, also make your own changes now to be able to flow normal with nature. Remember at times new Year’s resolution can be difficult to stick to, but with determination and concentration, you can make it happen before the year run out again, thanks

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The Significance Of Christmas To Christians



The significance of Christmas to christans
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Actually a lot of us may be lost in thought while trying to figure out the significance of Christmas to christans as instructed in the Christian-dom…

What is actually Christmas?, What does Christmas season signifies to us? What do we particularly see the beautiful season as?

Well, irespective of the significance, many of us have different views towards the Christmas season, some of us sees it in a different dimensions and different angles..

To a lot of us, Christmas is a season of celebrating the birth of Jesus which can be said as the coming of the Lord to redeem the world, to some of us also, Christmas is a season of party and enjoyment, a season of changing clothes and shoes, attending shows and all that… And to few, Christmas is a beautiful season of showing love. Actually let’s dive into the case.


The significance of Christmas to christans


As stated above, many of us have different views and different definitions of Christmas, but the least of the knowledge seems to be the best definition and the main significance of Christmas.

Actually based on the Divine teaching of the church, CHRISTMAS is actually a special day or season for celebrating the coming of the lord into the world to pay the ultimate price for the world and also to accomplish the scripture as it is written in the holy book that the son of man shall come for the redemption of the world from sin, sorrow and tribulations.

CHRISTMAS actually can’t be celebrated without mentioning the birth of Jesus Christ which actually happens to be on every 25th of December in every year.

Aside this common significance of Christmas, the beautiful season is also a season of love as instructed by the Lord to keep and always show love to one another. This special season is a moment of showing love to one another as a means of celebrating the birth of the Saviour.

Showing love, gifting out to one another, to your neighbors and making everyone around you feel the love of the season is a deeper SIGNIFICANCE OF CHRISTMAS.

Actually, CHRISTMAS is not best described as a season of party and enjoyment, not best described as a season of travelling from one town to the village, not best described as a season of eating new foods, chicken, wine and all of that as it is commonly done in our society, but a season of LOVE.

Actually, as we all know, this beautiful season is also here and many of us who have different views to this season is in one way or the other preparing to celebrate it to our taste. But how ever you chooses to celebrate your CHRISTMAS SEASON, always make sure you show love to someone irrespective of how little it may be.

Look around you, there are a lot of people in short of food to eat, in short of cloths and living in a negative side which wasn’t projected by God, show love to them in which ever way you can. Celebrate the beautiful season with them and make them know how important their lives are in the society and to God who created them.

Actually one can’t advise you not to enjoy or go out for a merriment as we all do, but make sure you are really using the season to put smile on people’s face, make sure you are really making someone happy because CHRISTMAS is a season which everyone is expected to be happy for the coming of the lord.

Do not miss out in the sharing of the CHRISTMAS love, do not miss out in making people happy and putting smile on people’s face, which ever way you chooses to do it, do it irrespective of how little you have. Just show love to one another as instructed by our Lord Jesus. Thanks


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