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Irony Of Life – Personal Experience



Actually I have seen countless reasons to stay mute in some certain issues that has to do with people’s lifestyle in the society. I have seen countless reasons why I shouldn’t judge people by their mode of dressing, by their look or by our thoughts.


So I was a bit hot in the afternoon and decided to take a walk down to the street for some cuddling, because it has actually been a while I join the gamers in the hood.

On my way down the lane, different activities were all going on as usual, street was dry as usual but also hot as usual, boys on their department and girls on their own department.

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Gosh, base on how summer feeling may be in the life of a black man with Nigerian brain work, I decided to move to the ladies department to make some wave at them and also know how the runs is going. Because as one who grow from the street, I understand so much about the hard aspect of the job.

I ran to one of the mianky in the hood who got me amazed, shocked and over whelmed with her true life story. In the cost of discussion, she had to reveal her true identity to me, things that prompted her to be in such a risky street job, and her future plan.


The game was actually started as a result of NO HELP. She began the job because life wasn’t fair to her, life was damn Fucking bad to her and she had to do anything possible to make sure she provide for her self.

In the deeper aspect of the discussion, she reveal her intention of dumbing the dirty work as soon as her target is met. “I’m doing this not because I love doing it or because I feel like doing it, but because I needed money to start up a business, but since I have no one to help me, I had to run this one to get money to start up the business” – she said.

With her thoughts and her plans, I look more deeply into her and wondered how possible girls with such mentality are still in the same game. But my wonder has to arrive at the previous things she said concerning why she started the street business. Gosh, I really felt like crying with all she said.

Furthermore, she explain the nature of people castigating those in such work and how shameful it can be seeing “once upon a customer” castigating them outside and calling them names. She also reveal how such a dirty work can limit them from being helped by people because of the mentality others have towards them.

With all these, she revealed her plan of leaving the street after hitting her target. She revealed her intention of starting a business once she is out of the area. All the words kept me mute as I think deeply about her.

Now the day seems to be going darker and I had to return home to rest, so I wished her well, cut my aim of being there and left.

Gosh, such a good soul into such an ugly street job. This goes a long way to teach about not judging people by their look or by the way you see them.

Yeah, they may be what you think, but always try to know the circumstances that caused such act. Don’t just judge people for acting weird, for doing illegal or for being in the street, rather think about what led them into such act.

If you are capable of rendering help, do that and many of them will appreciate because no one prefer “illegal” over “legal” things if not condition.

Before judging someone for being into the kind of business or street job they are into, reason small, if you can go close to them you may probably discover that it’s not really their fault, but life difficulties.

Many people are actually passing a lot in life today, many has given up because the force and pressure actually overshadowed them. Many are in a very sad and critical condition, amd they have to look for a way to survive. Street job might become a nice idea for them. Runs may become a great option for them and they have to succumb to the pressure.

Actually, everyone wanna live good just as others are living, no one actually wish to be behind the world, everyone wanna be in the moving train, everyone wanna be in the front line, that’s the pressure.

Pressure of making it the way others did, the pressure of living a good life and the pressure of making mama and papa proud. Such is the pressure, everyone wanna win in life, is a pressure and a great spirit. Spirit of aiming high, spirit of thinking for the future, spirit of aiming to change the story and spirit of enjoying life because life is meant to be enjoyed.

Only if you try to put your self in other people’s shoe, you will discover the area their pains are actually coming from. Don’t be quick in judging, don’t be quick in condemning, don’t be quick in blaming, the force and pressure you conquered may conquer another person.

Not everyone are emotionally strong just the way you are. Not everyone can withstand the pressure of waiting for the right time to come. Not everyone is capable to stick to their good principles to the end, not everyone is capable of holding their faith tight till the appointed time. Some will definitely be overpowered by the pressure and may enter into wrong acts.

Words on the street


No one in life actually prefer street life or street job over the good aspect of life, over living the best life others are living and enjoying.

Everyone on the street actually wish to turn back because most of them know how costly and how dangerous such game can be. You can pick one up and dust him or her off, and share your light with them. They need it, instead of insulting, condemning and bastardizing them for playing such game, go close to them and hear their own story. Then apply help if you can.

Do this and remain bless..


Be The Change You Wish To See In The Society



Be The Change You Wish To See In The Society

We all wish to have a good and a better society, a society of peace filled with the love of humanity. We all wish to have some changes in our society to get the actual picture of the kind of society we all wish and dream for.

A society of toleration, a society of peace, a society of love among one another and a society of positivity which will bring the existence of God’s word in the Bible. These and more most of us dream for, but then other wise is the case.

As we live each day we experience all the opposite side of what we dream of in our own society, we experience everything contrary to how God projected the world to be and how life is meant to be.

Upon seeing all these bad situations, bad behaviors and all the weird things happening in our society, we still criticize, judge and still merely hope for our dreams of making the society good to come through without thinking of how to make it better.


Yes, actually we all expect changes in our society without being mindful of how the change will take place. We all dream of a better and a good society without thinking of how such dream will come through, without thinking of the self role to play to make such a huge expectations to come through.

Yes, expecting life as current in the 21st century where different weird behaviors pop up in every minute of the day in our society, to go back to far centuries when life was mainly standing on a positive ground is quite a huge expectations.

This is such a huge expectations as no one want to be part of the change in the society, everyone just want to live the way others are living irrespective of the negative impact of such lifestyle in the society. “Do whatever you like, it’s no one’s business” is now the most trending tag we all use in covering our shit behaviors. Everyone wants to do whatever they want, whether it promote God’s word, light and commandments, or it goes against it, no one cares.

Yes don’t quote me wrong, always do whatever you like and whatever that makes you happy, it’s actually no one’s business, but humbly make sure your doing is the right thing irrespective of whether the society does it or not, just do the right thing.

As we all expect change in our society, the best way to achieve this is by being the change we all wish for in the society.

We all have one or two roles to play towards the dream, we all have one thing or the other to contribute towards making our society a better and a peaceful environment filled with love that promote positivity and God’s will.

No one is exempted from this race, no one is exempted from this contribution. We all own some task to do for our own betterment and that of the upcoming generations.

In a lighter words, stop expecting change in the society when you are not one. How do you expect it to come?. Is change magical?, or does it come from above?, NO it doesn’t.

The change we all seek for in the society actually begins with each and everyone of us. BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE SOCIETY because change begins with me and you.

Be The Change You Wish To See In The Society

Be The Change You Wish To See In The Society

It’s not about what the society does or what they are against, but doing the right thing that will promote peace, love, and flows along the will of God is the right thing expected from you.


It is quite bad that the society will make you believe that being good is for your own good, but then the idea seems to be the best. Remain good for your self and always do the right thing. Always be an example of the positivity you wish to see from the society. It definitely pays to be good, so remain good. Thanks

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5 ways Of Getting Rid Of Anger Easily



5 ways of getting rid of anger

5 Ways Of Getting Rid Of Anger.

It will definitely be hard to see anyone who claims he or she doesn’t get angry, that will be one of the most expensive lie for one to say such. This is actually because getting angry is part of human being. As long as one is fully intact in his or her sense organ, then getting angry is a simple task to mention.

Anger is actually a result of provocation in one’s life. It shows the negative side of people when being provoked. The exhibition of anger is actually based on different entities and different personalities who reacts in a different ways.

Some people when being provoked by someone, they will suddenly go insane and start pouring their negative side out. These negative side being exhibited are always in form of actions or spoken words.

While some have built the attribute which enables them to easily get rid of the anger. This is actually based on the individual involved as everyone have different personalities and different ways of reacting towards anger.

However, just as it may sound, ANGER is such a dangerous and bad feeling which can make someone to exhibit a weird action or behavior which he or she may start regretting few hours later. Most of the actions done when being angry are usually bad and those involved in such actions always regret it at the end.

3 Ways Of Securing Your Peace Of Mind

However, in order to avoid exhibiting a behavior or action that may hinder your joy or happiness later when being calmed, it is best you control your ANGER initially before things go wrong. Though trying to control your anger or trying to get rid of it is one of the most difficult personal task to do, but then the end is always joyful and amazing.


5 ways of getting rid of anger

Below are five ways you can get rid of your anger to avoid regretting your action later.

1: Avoid The Cause Of Your Anger:

One of the best and easiest way of getting rid of your anger is by moving out from the cause of your anger. This simply means avoiding or totally staying away from the cause of your anger.

Most at times we react over our angry mood because after getting provoked, we still stay at the same place with the cause of our anger thereby leaving the whole scenario in our head. And when this happen, self control becomes quite difficult to apply.

So base on your mood and how you react towards anger, if you really want to avoid things that you are likely to regret after getting anger, the best way to do that is to stay away from such problem. That is, stay away from the cause of your anger and stay somewhere else to refresh your memory and stay happy.

2: Avoid Much And Annoying Argument:

Some arguments when angry can be a cause of bad reaction but people may not understand. This entails that engaging in argument when your heart and inner parts have already heated with anger can cause a weird reaction from you.


When you get provoked by someone, don’t try arguing with him or her in order to prove a point of not being guilty or so, rather stay calm to maintain your sanity.

With the high heated anger boiling in your heart facing the argument which makes no sense to you, the outcome can be regretful. So in order to avoid shouting “had I known” at the end, you have to avoid it in time

3: Play Music:

Music is one of the things that helps people in staying happy and okay. It helps people in staying out from depression, anxiety and anger but people may not understand. Though this idea is not really for everyone, that is, it may not really work for everyone but it is a good remedy.

To some people, getting music beside them when they are angry or when they are moody can lift such mood from them. So if you are among those that like music a lot, you can try to play some cool songs when someone get you angry.

For it to work perfectly, stay far away from the cause of your anger, stay in open place where you see different things that can easily take your mind away from the previous cause of your anger and then put some hot dancing music, this will help in resetting your mood.

4: Watch Comedies Or Read Jokes:

All these can be a personal means of lifting your anger, but you may not understand.

Watching comedy videos or reading jokes can also serve as a good remedy to lift your mood from the state of ANGER and put it back to the default mode.

Try watching comedy or reading jokes or stories that will make you laugh out loud, by so doing, you are escaping from the negative side of you.

5: Take Your Bath:

At times taking your bath can also be a good remedy for anger but you may not understand.

Taking your bath can help your mind or mood in falling into default mode thereby lifting the anger from you.

At times when you seems to be sad over some situation or when you got provoked and get angry, after a while try taking a cool shower. The state of your mood will change after the long time shower.

All the above list are some personal ways of getting rid of your anger, though there are many of them but just to mention few.

However, just as they can serve as good remedy for anger, it is also important to know that sometimes none of them will work but this is based on the cause of your anger or the reason why you are sad. The situation at hand can hinder you from applying any or even stop the effectiveness towards quenching your heated heart.

The effectiveness of the above list is mainly based on the situation at hand. The effectiveness is based on the reason why you are sad or angry. In some minor cases or reasons, the list can serve effective but in some deeper cases, it may not.

But above all, try as much as possible to stay out of anger, because the results or the outcomes are always regretful.

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PEACE OF MIND: 3 Ways Of Securing Your Peace Of Mind Amidst Of Troubles And Tribulations



Definition Of Peace Of Mind.

Peace of mind is the inner most joy that comes out from one as a result of excessive accumulation of peace, happiness and internal joy. Peace of mind are the joy that sustains you amidst of troubles and tribulations. They are those things essential for human peaceful growth but when being impaired, can cause depression, angony and sad.

Peace of mind is essential in human growth which is why you are advised never to trade it with any other thing, because it shows the positive side of you.

In thousand cases, when this peace of mind is being taken from you, depression, sad and sometimes sorrow becomes a replacement. They are important in everyone’s life which is why some people can do anything in life just to make sure they keep their self happy.

Peace of mind are important tressure in life which can be considered as the greatest among Silver and Gold. Though a lot of people will still choose silver and gold over their happiness, several people will choose silver and gold over their peace of mind, but it is likely to be a weird act. Those that understand it can never trade their peace of mind with any other things, even if they are to do it to get what they want, at least it won’t be for a long time.

Happiness matters in everyone’s life, everyone in life deserve to be happy. Everyone needs peace of mind in their life, married people want peace of mind in their homes, students wants peace of mind in their academics, business people want peace of mind in their business and so on and so forth. The world we all live in needs peace of mind too, to stay peaceful and accommodate everyone. The importance of PEACE OF MIND in a person’s life can’t be over emphasized.

But taking a walk down the society, you will notice how people tremble upon other people’s joy, how people tremble upon other people’s happiness without any consideration. Yeah, we live in a society where the rich use the peace of the poor to gain more peace. In other word, the rich uses the poor to gain more wealth regardless of their deprivation of peace of mind.

Peace of mind can’t be bought and at times can’t be given by money, they are driven internally by doing what you love most, by doing what makes you happy and by deciding to be happy. Yes, you have to decide for your own happiness before it can come to you.

Deciding for your happiness may be in the days of troubles, in the days of tribulations and in the days of agony, you have to stick to your mind and maintain that positive thoughts you have. Though it can be hard to stay happy amidst of all the troubles and tribulations coming to you, but you have to try your best. You have to choose this for your self to stay happy because happiness are truly essential for human growth.

But you depriving people their happiness, you depriving people their peace, what’s the need?, what’s the point for that?. Live and let others live, stop caging people to suit your interest, stop trembling upon people’s peace of mind. Live and let others live. By that way, you are helping the world health organization (WHO) in reducing the number of depressed patience, by so doing you are showing LOVE to humanity and by so doing, you are making the world an example of how and what God created it for.


Peace of mind

Peace of mind

This is actually one of the hard self task to do, because staying happy amidst of troubles and tribulations can only be imagined, it is so difficult to do.

To be realistic, it is absolutely not possible to stay happy amidst of troubles, tribulations, sad, agony and when being in the state of depression. But “try” or “trying” can be a good option. Yeah, you just need to try and stay happy, trying to stay happy in those moments is the only option you can use to maintain those positive vibes, just try.

However, below are few tips that can help you stay happy and maintain your peace of mind amidst of troubles and tribulations that comes your way.

1: Stay Away From The Cause Of Your Anger:

This is of no doubt one of the best way you can control your anger and as such, keeping your insanity intact. And by keeping your insanity intact, you are also keeping hold of your peace of mind to avoid trouble.

Many people at times get troubled, loose their insanity simply because they refuse moving an inch from the cause of their anger. They get upset by someone and still stand on the same place with the person thereby keeping the whole scenario on their head.

Consider changing position if you notice your peace of mind being trembled upon, consider changing position if you start loosing your insanity, to avoid loosing it all and start acting weird, change location and maintain your PEACE OF MIND intact.

2: Stop Engaging In Unnecessary Argument:

One of the codes of those that live quietly happy is “avoiding unnecessary argument”. Yes don’t engage your self in unnecessary arguments that doesn’t worth your strength.

Engaging in argument is quite a normal one, but engaging in some argument that matters not to you, is such a waste of time and a bad one. This is because some arguments will actually end up getting you emotional and psychological drain up thereby affecting your peace. Avoid engaging in arguments that worths nothing, arguments that you will engage in and at the end you start feeling headache, feverish and tired, avoid them.

3: Stop Trying To Win All The Arguments:

Don’t be the type that always operate on “it’s either I win or we keep talking”, don’t be the type that always say that if they don’t want to believe your point, then no need of stopping the argument.

Things I understand about “ARGUMENT” is that it is either you believe them or you leave. It is done out of will, not force. Everyone have their beliefs, point of views and different understanding. Stop forcing others to believe on your ground, because by so doing, you will end up talking too much and having a mouth pain which may deprive your peace.

So by staying away from the cause of your anger, by avoiding unnecessary arguments and by trying not to win all Arguments, you will help your self in keeping your PEACE OF MIND. Thanks.

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