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Be The Change You Wish To See In The Society



Be The Change You Wish To See In The Society
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We all wish to have a good and a better society, a society of peace filled with the love of humanity. We all wish to have some changes in our society to get the actual picture of the kind of society we all wish and dream for.

A society of toleration, a society of peace, a society of love among one another and a society of positivity which will bring the existence of God’s word in the Bible. These and more most of us dream for, but then other wise is the case.

As we live each day we experience all the opposite side of what we dream of in our own society, we experience everything contrary to how God projected the world to be and how life is meant to be.

Upon seeing all these bad situations, bad behaviors and all the weird things happening in our society, we still criticize, judge and still merely hope for our dreams of making the society good to come through without thinking of how to make it better.


Yes, actually we all expect changes in our society without being mindful of how the change will take place. We all dream of a better and a good society without thinking of how such dream will come through, without thinking of the self role to play to make such a huge expectations to come through.

Yes, expecting life as current in the 21st century where different weird behaviors pop up in every minute of the day in our society, to go back to far centuries when life was mainly standing on a positive ground is quite a huge expectations.

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This is such a huge expectations as no one want to be part of the change in the society, everyone just want to live the way others are living irrespective of the negative impact of such lifestyle in the society. “Do whatever you like, it’s no one’s business” is now the most trending tag we all use in covering our shit behaviors. Everyone wants to do whatever they want, whether it promote God’s word, light and commandments, or it goes against it, no one cares.

Yes don’t quote me wrong, always do whatever you like and whatever that makes you happy, it’s actually no one’s business, but humbly make sure your doing is the right thing irrespective of whether the society does it or not, just do the right thing.

As we all expect change in our society, the best way to achieve this is by being the change we all wish for in the society.

We all have one or two roles to play towards the dream, we all have one thing or the other to contribute towards making our society a better and a peaceful environment filled with love that promote positivity and God’s will.

No one is exempted from this race, no one is exempted from this contribution. We all own some task to do for our own betterment and that of the upcoming generations.

In a lighter words, stop expecting change in the society when you are not one. How do you expect it to come?. Is change magical?, or does it come from above?, NO it doesn’t.

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The change we all seek for in the society actually begins with each and everyone of us. BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE SOCIETY because change begins with me and you.

Be The Change You Wish To See In The Society

Be The Change You Wish To See In The Society

It’s not about what the society does or what they are against, but doing the right thing that will promote peace, love, and flows along the will of God is the right thing expected from you.


It is quite bad that the society will make you believe that being good is for your own good, but then the idea seems to be the best. Remain good for your self and always do the right thing. Always be an example of the positivity you wish to see from the society. It definitely pays to be good, so remain good. Thanks


Success Motivation Quotes



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Success Motivation Quotes

Dear success, in as much as I will love to keep calm, chill a bit and make this beautiful Success Motivation Quotes for my unique audience a bit, I will still remind you that no matter what happen, no matter where you are, no matter what the situation may be, no matter how long you hide your self from me, I will still grantee you that someday I will definitely get you.

Success Motivation Quotes

Well, that may sound like a little bit sarcasm, but it may not really entire be because, Success Motivation Quotes are quotes that are meant to drive you into the urge of success and by any means bring you success and good fortunes.

But hold on, are you here to read the subject that says “Success Motivation Quotes“?, If so you are highly welcome, just take a sip of Martel and relax for this beautiful article by Bright Tobias.

Success Motivation Quotes – Definition

We start the above topic by it’s definition, what are “Success Motivation Quotes“? Just as one may ask.

Success Motivation Quotes

Well, success Motivation Quotes are bunch of quotes, lines and phrases which are meant to ginger one towards making a positive impact in their lives.

These are quotes that are meant to give one a very energetic and psychological power and morale towards achieving their dream.

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Often times, people tends to loose some amount of energy, focus and sight towards their dream which could be as a result of the challenges and obstacles surrounding such dream and the inability to achieve it without much perseverance and possibly financial instability, thereby weakening their religious faith and hope towards their dream.

It can be said that when most of these dreams and plans get abandoned as a result of the challenges, obstacles or any other reason the situation may be, there is high chance of failure over success. This is because success comes from one who never get weakened over the problems and challenges encountered while chasing the dream.

However, as the dreams differs in weight and result, so as the challenges and obstacles surrounding them differs. But then some remedy has been invented as to prevent people from stopping at no junction until success echoed, one of the numerous method and remedy is the use of the “Success Motivation Quotes“.

Success Motivation Quotes

Success Motivation Quotes

As stated earlier, Success Motivation Quotes are just quotes that meant to give one a high energy and spirit towards continuing their dreams and plans instead of being dispirited, depress or dismayed when problems and challenges start trolling in.

However, below are some of these Success Motivation Quotes that are meant to cheer you up and make you feel that quiting is never an option but the last among the list. Cheer up and read this beautiful Success Motivation Quotes compose and written by Bright Tobias.

Success Motivation Quotes

1: Comes Sun Come Rain, I Will Keep Grinding:

Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful and commonly used Success Motivation Quotes in the society, it’s general and almost everyone understands it.

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But then what does this piece of Success Motivation Quotes stand for?, This is a big time motivation and encouragement that no matter what happens, the aim still remains the aim, the goal never change.

Be it in a good time, be it in a bad time, the hustle will always remain the same, the energy in place for this success will always remain the same and nothing can stop the target until the goal is achieved.

2: Success Comes To Those That Doesn’t Fear Failure:

Some times people who finds it hard to succeed or achieve a greater heights are people always afraid of failure. They are people who never want to fail in their life and they are after what people say about them when they fail.

Success Motivation Quotes

Unfortunately, this beautiful Success Motivation Quotes tells that success and prosperity only comes to those that doesn’t fear to fail because they know how important it is to encounter failure in any area of LIFE, knowing too well it strengthen one towards the next task ahead.

3: No Guts No Glory:

This will likely sound familiar to many of us especially those listening to one or two street songs whose artist have put down a little Success Motivation Quotes to spice up the lyrics.

Success Motivation Quotes

“No guts no glory” is one of these viral Success Motivation Quotes many use to strengthen their faith and encourage theirself that there will never be a success without a strong determination to create that path, as such quiting is never an option, say NO to that.

4: I’m Going Hard For This, If I Perish, I Perish:

Well, I don’t know if you have ever hear this kind of Success Motivation Quote before, but I can tell that this is one of the common Success Motivation Quotes most people use in the society, especially when they are to embark on a risky or tough journey.

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Success Motivation Quotes

This quote simply means that much effort will be applied, if anything want to happen let it happen because nothing can stop the high spirit, just nothing.

5: D!e Poor Or Live Rich:

This is of no doubt part of the numerous Success Motivation Quotes we have and they all have a high tendency of making one achieve success when a heavy effort is applied at the right place.

Success Motivation Quotes

Anyway, between dying poor and living rich which will you prefer?, I guess you wanna live Rich, that means you gats to get the hope alive and keep grinding.


The above mentioned Success Motivation Quotes can be traced to be part of the causes of many people’s good fortune and Success in life, thus making it an ideal for people who may be feeling despair, depressed or down over life challenges to study them daily to ginger their soul a bit.

But however, they can also be de@dly and harmful when read and applied wrongly, especially the last two quotes (no. 4 and 5). It is left for you to study the Success Motivation Quotes in a positive manner and apply them positively in your LIFE for a better result.

Cheers and do have a nice day buddy, Bright Tobias will be definitely rooting for your SUCCESS.

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5 Life Motivational Quotes In Tamil Language(English Version)



Life Motivational Quotes In Tamil
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10 Life Motivational Quotes In Tamil Language (English Version)

Whether Malaysia, South Africa, South Asian, or even Indian state of Tamil Nadu where Tamil language is officially spoken by it’s indigenes, life motivational quotes is generally accepted and useful for all kinds of people on Earth, and maybe also useful for those beneath and above the earth. Just the language that differs.

Motivation in a dictionary meaning is a psychological feature that arouses an organism to action towards a desired goal. In a simple meaning, motivation is simply a psychological and emotional boast towards applying extra energy and effort towards achieving something.

However, Life motivational quotes in Tamil has so far help so many people across the countries where Tamil language is being spoken to regain their strength and energy towards achieving what they may have abandoned for long.

The purpose of life motivational quotes in tamil or life motivational quotes is to boast your strength, inspiring you to continue the race and pick up yourself for better and for good.

However, below are just five life motivational quotes in tamil given in the English version.

5 Life Motivational Quotes In Tamil (English Version)

1: Courage Is One Step Above Fear

Life Motivational Quotes In Tamil

Just as Satan is the greatest enemy of human, fear is the second enemy of human growth and this thus hinders so many people from getting to their destination and achieving what they wish to achieve.

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In LIFE, you may not really know the power of strength in you until you decide to conquer the fear in you and take that courage and bold step towards your destiny. Take that courage and step out of the box, fear is your enemy.

2: Where Car Owner Gets To With His Car, Can Be Trekked

No need to rush in life, wherever anyone with a car gets to, must be approached by a walking person.

Life Motivational Quotes In Tamil

This state that life isn’t about competition and you shouldn’t waste your time being in any competition with anyone, just focus on your life and ignore others. Just be patient and you will surely get to where others have been for long.

3: No Pain No Gain

As some may say, no guys no glory or no risk no success, this equate that the goodness of life actually comes from pain and suffering, you can’t enjoy the latter without the former, they are naturally attached to each other and nothing can be done about it.

Life Motivational Quotes In Tamil

As per life motivational quotes in tamil state, no pain no gain, for you to gain anything useful in life you will definitely pass through some series of pains and suffering and most times, these pains and sufferings can be long but with enough patience and endurance, GOOD LIFE is assured.

4: Rome Isn’t Built In A Day, Keep Working Hard

The above phrase has been in existence for long and many of us will be familiar with it, and it’s one of the life motivational quotes in tamil translated in English which gives one hope that whatever he or she is building will definitely take time to mature and start yielding some fruit. Actually life is patient and nothing good in LIFE can be gotten at a glance, it takes a while.

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Life Motivational Quotes In Tamil

That is to tell you that no matter how beautiful you think Rome is, it took years of architectural planning from top engineers and builders to be able to get such beauty.

5: The Journey Of A Thousands Mile Begins With A Step

The English version of life motivational quotes in tamil states that the journey of a thousands mile behind with a single step, what does this mean?.

Life Motivational Quotes In Tamil

This actually briefly explained that no matter how big your dream can be, it requires you just to start to accomplish the dream.

In LIFE no matter what you want to be, what you wish to be and what you intend to be, no matter how big and heavy your aim and objective is in life, you definitely have to start somewhere to be able to get to your destination.

Well I think this is one of the beautiful life motivational quotes in tamil that tends to stop people from always procrastinating and instead, start up somewhere to be able to get to their destination or dream.


Life Motivational Quotes In Tamil

Life motivational quotes in tamil language just gives most of the same life Motivational Quotes anyone can enjoy in different languages, but the same meaning.

This motivational quotes can vary based on the occasions and event at hand, but life motivational quotes in tamil just gives you the meanings in South Asian and Indian state of Tamil language.

This is just the English version and we hope you enjoyed it, do have a meaningful and successful LIFE ahead.

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10 Simple True Lines About Life And Their Meaning



True Lines About Life
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10 Simple True Lines About Life And Their Meaning.

Every day people live, every day people leave, every day people are born and every day people dies, this does nothing but to keep a mere human wondering what life is made up of, what life is all about, which at the end may not come up with a tangible reason or full knowledge about life. It’s still a mysterious mystery that human may not really explain enough, but with some simple true lines about life, we can live the best of it.

True Lines About Life

True Lines About LIFE

True lines about life are true life time quote or true quote which gives deeper meanings about life and tends to explain all phases of life with a simple quote.

This lines are often regarded as “daily manners” “motivational words” “words of inspiration” and many other words people often replace it with, but the main hit point and objective of these true lines about life or these true life quotes is to explain LIFE in a more simplest form and give deeper meaning of life for a mere man understanding about LIFE and transparent knowledge.

10 Simple True Lines About Life And Their Meaning

True Lines About Life

True Lines about life can varies depending on people’s experience, understanding and their ability to relate them with their life situations. Some lines can be more simple as people can easily relate with them in their lives and they usually comes with simple words, while some may be seen difficult as some may not relate with them, depending on who is involved tho.

But meanwhile, below are just 10 Simple True Lines about life and their meaning you should know.

1: LIFE Is Like A Football Game:

Sometimes people often say that LIFE is like a football game comprising of players, ball and a goal post.

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What this mean is that everyone is like a football player, your target in life is the goal post, your ability to figure your way out and pursue your dream, then hit the success and achievement you crave for with much determination and perseverance, is like scoring in the goal post after dribbling other players.

True Lines About Life

In other words, if after dribbling and you play the ball and it hit on the goal post, it will surely bounce back at you or bounce out. So the choice is always yours to make a proper target while playing your own ball (while fighting for your dream) as not to play it against the goal post bar (as not to fail) but to score the goal every player craves for (to succeed).

This is one of the beautiful true lines about life that tends to explain life more to you.

2: Life Is Like A Computer, Your Result Is Based On Your Command:

When you certainly give a computer any Command, it will process it and bring out the result of it. This is exactly how LIFE goes, most times we get what we requested from life and this is also one of the true lines about life that meant to tell one to be careful about the command he or she gives to the computer, that’s being careful about what he or she does in life to avoid getting a bad result as the outcome of our actions.

Mediate on this true lines about life and see it shape your Life.

3: LIFE Doesn’t Give You What You Deserve, It Only Gives You What You Work For:

This is definitely one of the most honest true lines about life anyone can learn and get something useful out of it.

True Lines About Life

Actually just as the quote says, life doesn’t give anyone what he or she think he or she deserves, it only gives you what you work for.

In LIFE, most people deserve good life filled with luxury and expensive trips to all kinds of places we desire, but the option of getting those luxurious lifestyle we crave for only lies on our ability to work it out.

So that simply says that LIFE doesn’t give anyone whatever he or she think he or she deserves because everyone in life deserve something good and something nice, Everyone in life deserve rich and wealthy properties, but only those that work towards achieving them can only get them.

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So LIFE doesn’t give you what you deserve, it only gives you what you work and suffer for. You may desire to eat some creamy cake, but life can throw in bitter cake for you, what can you do about it other than to consume it waiting for your choice someday.

4: LIFE Is Unfair:

True Lines About Life

If you still think that LIFE is fair, it surely means that you haven’t experience life in it’s fullness. When you witness life and life happen to you, that’s probably when you will understand that LIFE can be unfair sometimes.

So this is also one of the eye catching and beautiful true lines about life that just explained that life sometimes can favour crazy and bad people, over the Normal and good ones. Sometimes life can get to your turn and won’t still hand it over to you, but will bounce and throw it to someone else despite all your patience and suffering while waiting for your turn, that’s just being unfair.

So it is better to know and understand that LIFE is unfair, so you won’t really be much disappointed on any phase of your life.

5: Life Is Give And Take:

True Lines About Life

On a simple note, life is actually nothing but just a give and take situation. What this mean is that the amount of effort and weight of action you put into something determines what you will get from it.

Most times, the good results of things we get in life is because of the high effort we put towards it’s production, that is just what this true lines about life simply explain.

6: Success Has No Stipulated Process:

To me, Bright Tobias, this is one of the most beautiful true lines about life that actually defines life in a deeper way.

Just like I have always tell people around me, the journey of SUCCESS and ACHIEVEMENT has no particular process that everyone arrives at it from, it’s just a simple and deeper term.

True Lines About Life

Actually in life, there are so many process people take in achieving success or getting to the point of their achievement, there is absolutely no particular defined process or particular road but just a Wilder road which everyone can decide to follow the lane that suit them most.

So knowing and understanding this beautiful true lines about life will definitely give you the knowledge on how to find your own process and follow it.

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7: No Particular Rules In LIFE:

Just as success absolutely do not have any Stipulated process in life as anyone can even discover his or her own process and follow it to arrive at success, so does life has no particular rules and regulations guiding it.

This at times can be based on the point of view you are looking at it from and the angle you are living your life from. So to me Bright Tobias, life does not have any particular rules that guides it. Even though there are some general outlines rules about life one can equally follow to arrive at his destination, but they are not just limited to a certain number.

8: Wealth Comes To Risk Takers:

No matter how one craves for success, achievement and huge wealth, he or she must be willing to take some risk because wealth comes to those that have the mind of taking a greater risk to achieve whatever they want to achieve.

9: No One Will Clap For You When Starting:

True Lines About Life

Sometimes people clap for your intellectual capabilities, success, achievement or your bravery over certain things in life, but the reality is that no one will be there to clap and appreciate you when you are starting.

Most times, this clapping from people and hailing can be taken as a motivation and tool of inspiration to get going and keep the spirit high, but when they aren’t there, failure becomes certain.

But a word of motivation from BRIGHT TOBIAS still remains the same, keep grinding, keep pushing, keep your head up high and someday, success is assured.

10: A Poor Man Doesn’t Have A Brother:

True Lines About Life

The last but not the list on the true lines about life compose and written by Bright Tobias is that a poor man doesn’t have a brother.

Most of us may be familiar with this quote as it is one of those viral quotes almost everyone use in their day to day interaction with others.

Well what this beautiful true lines about life mean is that it will definitely be hard to get a genuine love in the society especially when you are broke and doesn’t have much to offer financially.

So instead of seeking for who to love you while broke, it’s better to use that energy to work hard and make your own money. But that doesn’t apply all the time, in some cases a poor man can have a brother, so yours might be different from the popular belief or opinion.


The above are just the 10 true lines about life that you can read to know more about LIFE, because knowing so much about life is a greater way of conquering life itself and living it to your fullest.

You can also WATCH THE VIDEO version on YouTube, thanks for reading.

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