Be The Change You Wish To See In The Society

We all wish to have a good and a better society, a society of peace filled with the love of humanity. We all wish to have some changes in our society to get the actual picture of the kind of society we all wish and dream for.

A society of toleration, a society of peace, a society of love among one another and a society of positivity which will bring the existence of God’s word in the Bible. These and more most of us dream for, but then other wise is the case.

As we live each day we experience all the opposite side of what we dream of in our own society, we experience everything contrary to how God projected the world to be and how life is meant to be.

Upon seeing all these bad situations, bad behaviors and all the weird things happening in our society, we still criticize, judge and still merely hope for our dreams of making the society good to come through without thinking of how to make it better.


Yes, actually we all expect changes in our society without being mindful of how the change will take place. We all dream of a better and a good society without thinking of how such dream will come through, without thinking of the self role to play to make such a huge expectations to come through.

Yes, expecting life as current in the 21st century where different weird behaviors pop up in every minute of the day in our society, to go back to far centuries when life was mainly standing on a positive ground is quite a huge expectations.

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This is such a huge expectations as no one want to be part of the change in the society, everyone just want to live the way others are living irrespective of the negative impact of such lifestyle in the society. “Do whatever you like, it’s no one’s business” is now the most trending tag we all use in covering our shit behaviors. Everyone wants to do whatever they want, whether it promote God’s word, light and commandments, or it goes against it, no one cares.

Yes don’t quote me wrong, always do whatever you like and whatever that makes you happy, it’s actually no one’s business, but humbly make sure your doing is the right thing irrespective of whether the society does it or not, just do the right thing.

As we all expect change in our society, the best way to achieve this is by being the change we all wish for in the society.

We all have one or two roles to play towards the dream, we all have one thing or the other to contribute towards making our society a better and a peaceful environment filled with love that promote positivity and God’s will.

No one is exempted from this race, no one is exempted from this contribution. We all own some task to do for our own betterment and that of the upcoming generations.

In a lighter words, stop expecting change in the society when you are not one. How do you expect it to come?. Is change magical?, or does it come from above?, NO it doesn’t.

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The change we all seek for in the society actually begins with each and everyone of us. BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE SOCIETY because change begins with me and you.

Be The Change You Wish To See In The Society
Be The Change You Wish To See In The Society

It’s not about what the society does or what they are against, but doing the right thing that will promote peace, love, and flows along the will of God is the right thing expected from you.


It is quite bad that the society will make you believe that being good is for your own good, but then the idea seems to be the best. Remain good for your self and always do the right thing. Always be an example of the positivity you wish to see from the society. It definitely pays to be good, so remain good. Thanks

By Bright Tobias

A world filled with LOVE, PERFECTION and CARE to be understood through a BRIGHTer channel. We are BRIGHTWORLD 🕊️

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