The significance of Christmas to christans

Actually a lot of us may be lost in thought while trying to figure out the significance of Christmas to christans as instructed in the Christian-dom…

What is actually Christmas?, What does Christmas season signifies to us? What do we particularly see the beautiful season as?

Well, irespective of the significance, many of us have different views towards the Christmas season, some of us sees it in a different dimensions and different angles..

To a lot of us, Christmas is a season of celebrating the birth of Jesus which can be said as the coming of the Lord to redeem the world, to some of us also, Christmas is a season of party and enjoyment, a season of changing clothes and shoes, attending shows and all that… And to few, Christmas is a beautiful season of showing love. Actually let’s dive into the case.


The significance of Christmas to christans

As stated above, many of us have different views and different definitions of Christmas, but the least of the knowledge seems to be the best definition and the main significance of Christmas.

Actually based on the Divine teaching of the church, CHRISTMAS is actually a special day or season for celebrating the coming of the lord into the world to pay the ultimate price for the world and also to accomplish the scripture as it is written in the holy book that the son of man shall come for the redemption of the world from sin, sorrow and tribulations.

CHRISTMAS actually can’t be celebrated without mentioning the birth of Jesus Christ which actually happens to be on every 25th of December in every year.

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Aside this common significance of Christmas, the beautiful season is also a season of love as instructed by the Lord to keep and always show love to one another. This special season is a moment of showing love to one another as a means of celebrating the birth of the Saviour.

Showing love, gifting out to one another, to your neighbors and making everyone around you feel the love of the season is a deeper SIGNIFICANCE OF CHRISTMAS.

Actually, CHRISTMAS is not best described as a season of party and enjoyment, not best described as a season of travelling from one town to the village, not best described as a season of eating new foods, chicken, wine and all of that as it is commonly done in our society, but a season of LOVE.

Actually, as we all know, this beautiful season is also here and many of us who have different views to this season is in one way or the other preparing to celebrate it to our taste. But how ever you chooses to celebrate your CHRISTMAS SEASON, always make sure you show love to someone irrespective of how little it may be.

Look around you, there are a lot of people in short of food to eat, in short of cloths and living in a negative side which wasn’t projected by God, show love to them in which ever way you can. Celebrate the beautiful season with them and make them know how important their lives are in the society and to God who created them.

Actually one can’t advise you not to enjoy or go out for a merriment as we all do, but make sure you are really using the season to put smile on people’s face, make sure you are really making someone happy because CHRISTMAS is a season which everyone is expected to be happy for the coming of the lord.

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Do not miss out in the sharing of the CHRISTMAS love, do not miss out in making people happy and putting smile on people’s face, which ever way you chooses to do it, do it irrespective of how little you have. Just show love to one another as instructed by our Lord Jesus. Thanks


The significance of Christmas to christans

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