Many times I have seen and heard people talk about “taking risk” in their various apartment and journey of life, but then I haven’t actually keep calm to think and understand everything that has to do with “risk taking” or why people take risk which might lead them into a different case. But just as one grows, some of the hidden facts and knowledge becomes visible and more clear to understand.

Without hesitation, let’s have a lighter definition of RISK TAKING, A RISK TAKER and what it means and takes to take risk.

RISK TAKING: Definition

In a simplest definition, Risk Taking implies doings things in very dangerous way which is likely to land you in trouble.

In another angle, taking risk means going an extra mile towards achieving your aim or goal, a mile which is disastrous, dangerous and harmful.

However, despite how dangerous this “Risk Taking” may be, it is still what determines our success in life as most of the people successful in life today are those that took the bull by the horn to walk the extra mile which saw them at their current position in life.

Since we have know what “Risk Taking” means, let’s quickly examine who a risk taker is.

A RISK TAKER: Definition

Actually, there is no much difference between “Risk Taking” and a “Risk Taker” as a risk taker is one involved in risk taking.

Yes this might be little confusing or complicated, but a Risk Taker is someone who always take risk to achieve his or her aim or to move to the next level.


We all know that nothing good in life comes so easy, that is to say that for one to achieve his or her aim towards greatness, he or she might need to take risk in one way or the other.

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Mind you the “Risk Taking” involve in this article is the one that sees someone become great and achieve his or her personal goal and objective, or the one that sees one become great in life or do things in extra ordinary way.

And not just taking risk for a negative purpose, though they are still the same risk involve but I’m talking on the one that will bring positive change.

However, just as the lesson of life state that for one to be great and for one to achieve whatever he or she desires in life, he or she might consider taking risk to achieve that.

And though no matter how this may sound, it is never a child game or a simple task to do as taking risk requires a lot.

Below are few things one need to have or possess to be able to take a risk to your destination.

1: Courage:

Actually, taking of risk requires you to be courageous, stand firm and remove any form of fear in you.

To be honest, one personal lesson I have learnt is that success require you to do the unexpected for you to achieve it. This is commonly the reason why great people in life are being celebrated all the days because arriving at such position requires an extra ordinary step which people are afraid to follow.

For you to take risk in life towards arriving to your destination or towards achieving all you pray and wishes for, you have to be very courageous in your journey.

2: Determination:

Determination simply means resisting failure and working hard towards your aim irrespective of the challenges and obstacles that will be weighing you down.

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Determination means resisting laziness, sleep or anything that can hinder you from arriving at the golden spot. For you to take risk, you must be determine, focus and make up your mind to do so for the betterment of your future.

3: FearLess:

You must be bold enough to know your ground and what you want. Success requires you to be bold, stand firm and avoid any form of fear of failure or anything.

No pain No gain” isn’t a new slangs, you should be use to it.


Actually, the main and only advantage of taking risk lys in “SUCCESS“and being GREAT.

This is actually where “No pain No gain” tune comes in, as for one to gain, he or she is likely to face pain in one way or the other, and most of this pains comes while taking the risk.

Actually, to my best of understanding, the journey of WEALTH, SUCCESS and GREATNESS is never an easy one. Though when we see great and wealthy people, we are likely to think that getting to such level in life or attaining such greatness can be achieved easily, or when we see wealthy people displaying their Wealth and tones of their cash, we think that those wealth came on a sudden.

But when being lead through on how they attain their position, you will give up in a start

Some of them who started from the scratch took a lot of risk before having all you see around them, though some of these risks might involve illegal things, but base on the “No pain No gain” slangs, any way is likely to be a way to achieve their goal. That can be an advantage of taking risk in life.

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Are you a risk taker


This is probably where the myth comes in, as what works for one might not work for another.

There is a saying that “the journey of success or greatness is celebrated for those that succeed”, as a lot of people are likely to fell out on their journey, some will loose focus and get distracted, some will loose their lives, some will also end the journey with nothing while some will end it in a joyful situation. This is the story of success.

Actually, what works for one might not work for another. In our modern world today some call it “GRACE“.

One who take risk might end up being successful, wealthy and become great in life, while another who takes the same risk might be choked up and die, or fall into a big problem that might get him or her in prison forever.

This is the story behind every successful person or every great person on earth, some stories are told while some are not because some may decide to keep hold of their bad experience or their bad stories to themselves.

That is why some people’s stories are always open and accessible for everyone to read, while some are not. And at times we begin to wonder why they have not open up about their story.

As we know, the journey is for everyone, but greatness is definitely not for everyone but I pray we all attain this GREATNESS together, Amen.

By Bright Tobias

A world filled with LOVE, PERFECTION and CARE to be understood through a BRIGHTer channel. We are BRIGHTWORLD 🕊️

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